Trump, McCarthy On Good Terms After Leaked Audio Tape

Following the release of audio recordings, Kevin McCarthy, the California House Republican Leadership, and ex-President Trump reached good terms. McCarthy said that he would recommend the resignation of the former president to him following the Jan. 6 Capitol Insurrection.

According the source, Trump is in good terms with McCarthy.

The Washington Post published the first report on the Trump-McCarthy phone call.

The New York Times published a tape dated January 10, 2021, in which McCarthy stated that he “had” Trump and would recommend that the former president “resign.” ”

McCarthy stated that he believed that this would pass and suggested that Trump resign in an audio recording published on The Times. This was in reference Trump’s impeachment resolution.

The recording shows the Republican leader saying that Trump is unlikely to listen and that no one can defend Trump’s January 6 actions.

McCarthy rebutted the Times report, calling it “totally false and wrong” in a Twitter statement on Thursday morning hours before the public recordings.

The Times reported that McCarthy called Trump’s January 6 actions “atrocious”, and “totally wrong” during an interview with Republicans. McCarthy suggested that certain legislators be banned from social media.

Many believe that the leak was caused in part by Republican leadership. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R.Fla.), blamed Cheney on Thursday morning in a tweet.