Biden Says GOP Ain’t Your Father’s Republican Party

Friday’s declaration by President Biden that the GOP “ain’t your father’s Republican Party” was a warning to right-leaning politicians that they are afraid to be wrong and that they will lose a primary election.

The president spoke from Seward Park, Seattle, Washington to discuss his administration’s efforts in addressing climate change and urged Congress to act.

The president did however share his views on the Republican Party. According to the president, “virtually none Republicans” will cooperate with Democrats. He stated that sometimes “we get up as many as seven or 8.”

Biden stated, “This ain’t your father’s Republican Party.” “This is not a joke. You just need to see what’s being shown this morning about the tape released.

Biden apparently was referring to audio leaked by the New York Times that was first reported by the Times on Jan. 10, 2021. In that audio, Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) reportedly said that he had “had” with Trump and was going to recommend that Trump “resign” after the Jan. 6 Capitol Riots.

McCarthy stated that he believes this will happen and that he would recommend to you that you resign. According to the Times audio, McCarthy explained what he would tell Trump.

The recording shows that the Republican leader stated that Trump was unlikely to listen to his suggestion, and that no one can defend Trump’s January 6 actions.

The Times reported that McCarthy also called Trump’s January 6 actions “atrocious” and “totally wrong” during a call with Republicans. He reportedly suggested the idea of having certain legislators banned from social media.

Reacting to Friday’s audio, Biden stated that “this is a MAGA Party now.”

Biden stated, “It’s, it’s, you understand, you got senator from Texas and other,” though it was unclear if he meant Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, or Texas Sen. John Cornyn. These guys are a different kind of cat.

The president stated that those who know better don’t know how to act properly because they know they will be primaried. He noted that up to six congressional Republicans had come to him and said, “Joe. I want to be with your on such an important issue, but I can’t.” I will be primaried. My race will be lost.”

Biden stated, “So, folks. We’re going–this will start to change.”

Biden stated that they talk about the Democratic Party split, but there’s almost no split in it. He also said that 48 of his Democratic Senate colleagues voted with him 94% of the times.

McCarthy is the GOP’s front-runner for the speakership if Republicans win back the House in November. This is determined by internal elections in Congress.

Elections for Speaker of House are usually held on the first day in a new Congress, January 3. This means that if McCarthy was trying to get sacked by the leaker, it happened incredibly early.