Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle Locked Out of Debate Spin Room by Fox News Security

After the Republican debate in Milwaukee ended, Fox News reportedly ordered to keep Trump Jr. and Donald Trump Jr. out of the spin room after the debate.

The video begins with Donald Trump Jr. in the middle of a sentence:

…right now, trying to ban people from actually having a discourse about politics probably shouldn’t surprise any of us, but that’s what it is. And I had been told by others that I would be able to go in. So they said we weren’t able to go in, then they said we were, and now that we’re here, and the candidate that —

Trump Jr. claimed that Fox News had intentionally kept him out of the room as part of an elaborate plan to boost the performance of other candidates who, according to Fox, did not perform as well as Fox hoped.

They are telling him. The security guard here is telling me that I am not allowed in because they don’t want someone to represent my father. Just like when I was canceled a few days ago after the first indictment. Five minutes before my scheduled appearance, I learned that I would no longer be on. So we know what’s going on.

This is why Trump was right to refuse to attend the debate. He’s a fool. When you realize that you are walking into a set-up because of these circumstances, it makes you understand what mainstream media, including conservatives, are doing.

Guilfoyle a lawyer, said, “It is very un-American. The First Amendment prohibits it.”

Don Jr. claims that Trump’s gag order and being barred from the spin room are just as oppressive to him as being prosecuted and put under a gag by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

I’m not going to be a hater, but this is what I’m going to do. The Democrats are doing the same thing. And it’s the same as what the Fulton County DA is doing. They’re trying to put a ban on Donald Trump, so he won’t be able to defend himself, and also to intimidate anyone who might defend him.

We’ll also call some balls and strikes if we’re just calling balls and strikes.

It is not possible to compare a political prosecution by an elected official, in which more than 12 people could lose their freedom and be jailed for many years, with a news outlet barring Donald Trump Jr., his fiancee, from entering the media room they are controlling for the night. In fact, one might argue that the First Amendment is being threatened when the son of the former president and leading candidate for the next election goes live on other media outlets to try to intimidate them into giving

Donald Trump Jr. believes that candidates’ surrogates who did not qualify for the debate should receive spin room credentials without any questions.

It was also known that Trump’s surrogates could only enter the room with an invitation from a media outlet that was already there. A few Trump surrogates made it into the room:

It is important to know that Fox News asked security to keep Trump Jr., Guilfoyle, and other guests out of the spin room even though they were invited by an accredited media outlet.

While some candidates, such as Chris Christie and Mike Pence have not been convincing, they are aware that Republican voters oppose indictments regardless of how they feel about Donald Trump.