Trump Campaign Wins Pennsylvania Lawsuit

It’s a victory for the Trump Campaign as they continue to power through multiple election lawsuits surrounding the 2020 presidential election. While far-left news networks have projected Joe Biden as the elected president, the work of projecting a “fair and free election” is far from over. 

Pennsylvania state court Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt just ruled that Secretary of State Katherine Boockvar lacked the authority to issue guidance to the county boards of election in all 67 counties regarding the count of mail ballots. She told the county boards they could count mail ballots as long as voters’ IDs were confirmed by Nov. 12.  By the commonwealth’s election code, she argued that voters had up to six calendar days following the election to prove their identities and confirm their ID. If you do your math right, this still doesn’t add up. 

“If the deadline is calculated as the statute is written, then as it pertains to the November 3, 2020 General Election, this deadline for voters to resolve proof of identification issues is Monday, November 9, 2020, not November 12, 2020,” the Trump campaign wrote in a filing.

The Trump campaign argued that Ms. Boockvar lacked the authority to give guidance to any county boards of elections. Judge Leavitt agreed with President Trump’s side, arguing that this position would only be allowed if there was an amendment to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that allows the extension of ballot deadlines, but there’s not. 

Because of this, ballots counted after November 9 will be labeled as “defect.” It is still unclear how many ballots this comes out to be. Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman has asked Boockvar to step down after making too many last-minute changes in election protocols. 

“The issue is the Secretary trying to influence this process by sending out guidance at the 11th hour. All we want to do is have confidence in the result. We’ll have winners and we’ll have losers but it seems to be the mission of the Democratic Party to cause confusion in this race,” said Corman. 

He said that the State Department had been weaponized and influenced by political attempts to sway the vote left. While some lawsuits have challenged the vote outcome, others have challenged the specific parts of the voting procedure. The transparency of this election is enough to realize that the radical left has completely rigged the election process for their own good. 

The dominoes start to fall.