Gov. Newsom Caught Breaking His Own COVID-19 Guidelines

We’ve witnessed an entire summer of Democrat politicians enforcing strict COVID-19 violations and slapping fines on local businesses while avoiding the rules themselves. But hey, the rules don’t apply to liberals.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently attended a fancy dinner party for top political adviser and lobbyist Jason Kinney. There were at least a dozen people who had gathered outside together from multiple households to celebrate the birthday event. The dinner was at one of the most exclusive restaurants ‘The French Laundry’ and was held during one of California’s biggest coronavirus surges yet. 

State guidelines say that gatherings of more than three households in private residences is prohibited, but that restaurants operate in a “gray area.” They do not have an explicit ban on household guidance. 

This is the same governor who had his administration strongly discouraging residents from bringing together multiple households for Thanksgiving. He issued detailed “guidelines” for holiday celebrations and even sent his four children to private school classrooms while most of the state’s students continue to do remote learning. Gov. Newsom even pointed out that gatherings and getting together is a driving factor of the increases in new cases. Shouldn’t you be taking your own advice, Governor? 

“Pelosi blamed the hair salon; Newsom blames the restaurant. These people never take responsibility for their own behavior,” tweeted Arthur Schwartz. 

Gov. Newsom said in a recent statement that he should not have joined the dinner and modeled better behavior. An Axiom spokesperson, Molly Weedn, said that the gathering broke no rules (technically, yet there’s that “gray area”) and that the restaurant was open for normal dining, consistent with state and county health guidance. She then said that the restaurant safety protocols were adhered to and the guests followed those protocols. 

The consistent referral to the restaurant is the same hypocritical behavior that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used when blaming the salon for not wearing a mask while getting her hair done. If something bad happens, it’s someone else’s fault. This is why no one is going to listen this time around. The American people see the radical left always having a separate set of rules for themselves. They don’t think to lead by example, but to lead through hypocrisy. 

As case counts continue to rise, more than half of the state’s 40 million residents still live under California’s strictest purple-tier rules. Gov. Newsom continues to emphasize mask-wearing, avoiding household mixing, and practicing social distancing. 

“Do as I say, not as I do.” Right?