Transmission Trouble: Toyota Recalls 280,000 Pickups, SUVs

Recall certain Lexus LX 600, Sequoia, and Tundra models

Toyota has recalled 280,000 SUVs and pickups in the U.S. due to a transmission problem that could cause a vehicle to continue moving when in neutral.

The company stated Wednesday that “certain components of the transmission might not disengage immediately when the vehicle has been shifted into neutral.”

Toyota explained that this can lead to power being transferred to the wheels, and the vehicle moving forward inadvertently at a slow speed on flat surfaces when no brakes have been applied. This increases the risk of an accident.

A 2023 Toyota Tundra pickup truck.

Some Lexus LX 600s and Toyota Tundras manufactured between 2022 and 2024 are included in the affected models. This also applies to some Toyota Sequoias from model years 2023-2024.

The company will provide free software updates to affected customers and will notify them by the end of April that they should bring their vehicles to a Toyota dealer or Lexus dealer.

The announcement comes about a month after Toyota warned owners of 50,000 cars not to drive them due to a problem with the airbags that could “cause serious injury or death.”

In a “do-not-drive” warning, the automaker stated that the airbags of the affected vehicles are under “urgent airbag safety recall,” as they “are involved in the Takata recalls.”

Toyota announced separately in December that it would recall more than 1 million vehicles in the U.S. due to a possible defect in its airbag deployment system.

In November, the automaker recalled 1,85 million RAV4 Sport Utility Vehicles in the U.S. due to fire hazards resulting from the installation of replacement batteries.