On This Day: February 26, 1993 – World Trade Center Bombed in Horrific Attack

A terrorist attack in New York could have been a precursor to a more deadly one. A new 9/11 exhibit tells a story about the World Trade Center reconstruction.

In 1966, the World Trade Center was built in Manhattan, New York City. This landmark became an instant icon in the city.

The Twin Towers as they are known, rose 1,360 feet high. Each tower has 110 floors.

The World Trade Center was bombed on this date in history. Over 1,000 people were injured.

The morning of February 26 1993 in New York, was cold and windy as thousands of workers went to work.

According to the 9/11 memorial website, there were over 40,000 people inside the Twin Towers.

In 1993, a bomb exploded at the World Trade Center Parking Garage.

Around noon, Ramzi Yousef drove his van and a group of terrorists into the public garage beneath the Towers.

The FBI website states that the van exploded 17 minutes after midday and left behind a 100-foot crater in the north tower.

Six people died instantly near the blast site: John DiGiovanni, William Macko, Wilfredo Mercado (Monica Rodriguez Smith), and Robert Kirkpatrick.

Hundreds of people were treated after the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing in Manhattan for smoke inhalation or broken bones.

Timothy Lang, who was in his garage when the explosion occurred, is the victim.

According to the 9/11 Memorial Museum, he was “physically lifted off my feet” and “thrown through a sky”. Smoke inhalation, broken bones, and other injuries were sustained by hundreds of people.

On February 26, 1993, at noon in New York City, a bombing took place.

According to the 9/11 Memorial, Ramzi Yousef was the man who carried out the bombing. Ramzi had learned how to make explosives in Afghanistan.

The terrorist worked with six other people.

The 9/11 Memorial states that he visited the World Trade Center at least twice before the attack. Yousef’s conviction came two years after his capture. In February 1995, he was arrested by police. According to the State Department’s website, in July 1993 the Department of State offered $2 million as a reward for information that led to Yousef’s arrest.

Yousef had already been underground.

According to the State Department website, U.S. Law Enforcement officials believed Yousef was in Pakistan but had very little reliable information regarding his location.

According to the FBI website Yousef, was captured by FBI Agents in February 1995. He was convicted two years later.

On February 26, 1993, the World Trade Center in Manhattan was bombed. It was a shocking incident.

This attack on the Twin Towers is not the first.

History.com explains that the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, shocked and shook the world, leading to major U.S. counter-terrorism initiatives. The World Trade Center in 1993 was attacked. This attack was a precursor to the more serious attacks of 2001. “We learned later from Yousef, that his Trade Center conspiracy was far more sinister,” writes the FBI. The explosion’s debris was to be used to bring down the tower. According to the site, “the attack served as a deadly rehearsal for 9/11. Al-Qaeda would return later with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to fulfill Yousef’s nightmare vision.”