Transcript Reveals Joe Biden Present During Hunter Biden’s Alleged Threats to Chinese Officials

New transcripts released by the House Ways and Means Committee reveal Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s criminal foreign dealings.

The report released on the subject states that Hunter Biden said to Henry Zhao, his Chinese paymaster at the time: “I’m sitting here with my dad and we’d like to understand why this commitment hasn’t been met.” This conversation took place over WhatsApp in 2017.

HUNTER BIDDEN: My father and I are sitting with you, and we want to know why the promise made was not kept. Tell the director I want to solve this problem now before it becomes a major issue. This means tonight. If I receive a text or call from anyone other than Zhang or you, Z, I’ll make sure that the man next to me, and everyone he knows, will regret that you didn’t follow my directions. I’m waiting with my dad for the phone call.

Henry Zhao played a crucial role in securing an investment deal that paid Hunter Biden, his associates, and presumably his father, given the contents of the message. The IRS whistleblower quoted in the House Report claims that the FBI took a long time to authenticate the message. Zhao is also implicated as being a Chinese spy and has strong ties with the Chinese Communist Party.

Hunter Biden also wanted to talk to “the Chairman” of CEFC China Energy. This is Ye Jianming who was involved in the founding of CEFC China Energy with which Hunter Biden had a partnership. CEFC China Energy has been implicated in a 2017 bribery scandal. The “Zhang” that is mentioned has not been found yet.

In addition, the whistleblower also alleges that the FBI acted quickly to obscure any evidence implicating Joe Biden (emphasis mine).

Walker continued to tell the story of the former Vice-President showing up at a CEFC Meeting.

Walker said: “We had lunch at the Four Seasons, and he came in to say hello to everyone. I don’t think he even drank any water.”

Hunter Biden said: “I might be trying to launch a company with these guys, and could you?” And I think he thought, if I was around, he would show up.

The FBI agent said: “So, you got the impression that Hunter Biden orchestrated that appearance of his father at that meeting?”

To what extent would you like to increase your chances of making the deal work?

Walker replied: “Sure.”

The FBI agent then asked: “Did you ever hear Hunter Biden mention that he had set up a meeting between his father and them when dad was away?

Still in office?”

Walker replied: “Yes.”

The FBI agent, for some reason, changed the topic.

Leah Wolfe, assistant US attorney and a proponent of the theme, also prohibited FBI agents from referring to “the big man” in their interview with Walker.

Weiss came and went for the remainder of the meeting. It was a downward spiral from that point. We gave prosecutors the outline we used to interview Hunter Biden’s associate Rob Walker. Walker was asked about an email that stated: “Ten for the big man held by H.” We also wanted to know who H was and why the percentage should be kept separately, with the association concealed.

AUSA Wolf said that she didn’t want to question the “father” and that she was not interested in asking about him. When other people objected, she replied that there is no criminality associated with that line of questions.

I don’t know what else it could be. Why would the AUSA tell the agents to avoid anything that might implicate Joe Biden?

This is a big deal. We’ve seen other smoking gun evidence before, but it’s a first. Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were in the same room as Hunter Biden, while he allegedly shook down a Chinese official. The DOJ also ordered the FBI not to investigate the matter. This is more serious than the scandals surrounding any president in American history. There’s got to be a compromise here. It will be clear why the DOJ does not act.