Top Maricopa Election Official Launched PAC in 2021 to Stop Republican Candidates Who Questioned 2020 Election

Stephen Richer, Arizona’s Maricopa County Registered, created a political-action committee in 2021 to defeat a Republican candidate who questioned the integrity and legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election.

Richer, who admitted ownership of the PAC in November 2021, spoke to the Arizona Mirror about the reasons he founded Pro-Democracy Republicans of Arizona. Richer stated that he hoped that the committee would help him elect Republicans who support peaceful transitions of power.

About The PAC

Although the PAC’s website is sparsely informative, it states that it “fights to keep our democratic institutions in good health” and supports “pro-democracy Arizona Republicans.”

According to the website, “The Arizona election was not stolen.” The Republicans had a losing presidential candidate, but we had many others who won.

It continues, “Candidates come & go,” “But our democratic institutions last a long time, and peaceful transitions to power are a hallmark for the United States. This history should not be abandoned in favor of conspiracy theorists or demagoguery.

Transparency USA reports that Richer’s Arizona political committee received $88,443 in total contributions. Francis Najafi (founder and CEO of Pivotal Group), donated $20,000 to the PAC.

Richer’s PAC spent $69,761 total, with $45,000 going towards Defending Arizona Values. This campaign was launched by Ann Kirkpatrick, Arizona Democrat Representative.

What About The Details?

Richer was elected Maricopa County Recorder in 2020. He took office in January 2021.

Richer stated to the Arizona Mirror that “Obviously, there have been some Republicans who have bravely acknowledged the truth and others who haven’t.” We support the former.

Richer said, “We know there’s a pot at the end of every rainbow if we indulge in some of those fantasies and lie, and I think that that has motivated some speakers to be particularly loud about it because they get rewarded in either tweet followers or financial contributions across the country.” “So, I am trying to reward or incentivize people who do the right thing, the responsible thing.”

Richer mentioned in the 2021 article in Arizona Mirror how it is uncommon for election officials to be involved in campaigns for elections they will also oversee.

Helen Purcell, a former Maricopa County Recorder and a Republican stated to the Arizona Mirror that Richer’s launch of a PAC would likely cause people to question the results of elections, especially if a race was close.

“People are too skeptical about the election process, Purcell advised that you stay clear of the fray and not ask any questions.”

Richer said he wasn’t concerned and didn’t consider his involvement to be inappropriate.

Meg Cunningham, Kansas City Beacon, posted on Twitter on November 17, 2021, that Richer was “launching a PAC for Rs running for nonfederal AZ office offices who ‘acknowledge and condemn the validity of 2020 election and the events of January 6, 2021, as a terrible consequence of the lies told regarding the November election.

The Post Millennial reported Richer’s reply to Cunningham, which was now deleted. He said, “Thanks to a few generous donors, this is now launching.” If you are interested in traditional Republican’stuff,’ such as free people, free markets, and rule of law, but don’t believe that there will be any conspiracy to win the 2020 election, or that Jan 6 was a tourist attraction, join me.