Free and Fair Elections Are a Concern in Mexico, Too

You have probably heard or read about an immigrant fleeing to the United States. One who fled because of the “here” conditions or, in some cases, the “opposite” conditions. Sometimes we forget that despite rampant inflation, growing corruption, and a deteriorating economy, we still have a fairly good country. People are becoming more aware of how easy it is to lose the things that attract people to this country. Elections are an example.

Let’s forget about corruption, ballot stuffing, and other malfunctions. This is being dealt with elsewhere. For now, let’s just focus on the fact the states still have control over their elections. That matters not just to us, but also to the Mexican people.

On Sunday, thousands of Mexicans marched in the streets. They were protesting President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s plan to alter Mexico’s electoral commission. Obrador claims that the electoral authorities conspired to stop his presidential campaigns in 2006 and 2012. His reform would allow citizens to elect election officials, he stated. It will also limit the influence of economic interest, reduce ad time, and cut funding for political parties. The Mexican Congress is currently discussing the idea.

Many citizens view the move as an attempt to consolidate power and give Obrador greater control over elections. According to the Washington Free Beacon report, protestors in Mexico City grew over the day. Reuters quoted a witness as saying that there were approximately 50,000 people. T-shirts were worn by protestors, while placards reading “Defending the INE” (Instituto Nacional Electoral) were carried by many. Ana Lilia Moreno, an economist, was present at the demonstration and stated that “Democracy is in danger in Mexico.” I hope many young people, even those not normally interested in politics, will attend. They will respect our institutions and defend the legacy of our grandparents and parents.

So it would seem that concerns about limiting an executive branch are not unique to the United States. People everywhere understand that true freedom is achieved through a smaller government. And Americans, especially Gen Z, would do well to listen to the stories of why they left “there” to come “here,” before “here” becomes “there.”