Tim Ryan Accused of Violating House Ethics Rule During Ohio Senate Campaign

Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan was accused of violating House ethics rules when he ran for one of Ohio’s U.S. Senate seats.

Ryan was subject to a complaint by FACT (Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust), on Tuesday.

A government watchdog suspects that the Ohio Democrat and his campaign communications director may have broken ethics by showing footage from his Senate campaign in order to show the House floor.

FACT claims Ryan’s Senate campaign and his communications director used images from House proceedings via social media.

Kendra Arnold, the executive director of this group, stated that “the law clearly states that a Member cannot use any House or Senate floor footage for political purposes.” “Also, ethics rules state that each member of Congress is responsible for their campaign and their staff.

Fox News received information from Ryan’s spokesperson indicating that the ethics complaint was politically motivated.

Ryan’s campaign claimed that these meritless claims are nothing but a hamhanded effort by Washington Republicans to change the subject to JD Vance’s embarrassment and disgraceful non-profit whose only accomplishment was bringing a Purdue Pharma pharmacist to Ohio.

Ryan’s campaign Twitter account shared a photo from a C-SPAN producer in late July showing legislation that had failed to pass the Senate floor. Ryan supported the bill, which would provide greater health benefits for veterans who were exposed to toxic burn pits.

Ryan’s campaign stated, “I was proud to cosponsor this bill named after Ohio’s Sergeant First Class] Heath Robinson.”  “Now, we have failed to provide medical care for military personnel that is lifesaving”.

Members cannot use photographs or videos from the House’s floor proceedings for political purposes. Members of the House Ethics Committee have found that images taken from floor proceedings published in adjudicating cases by third parties are prohibited from being republished.

Ryan, a 10-term congressman, is running to succeed Ohio’s retiring GOP senator. He was focused largely on his populist message and his work at Capitol Hill for constituents.

The Ohio Democrat, for example, has praised his efforts in increasing benefits for Congressional staffers during his time as chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee.

Izzi Levi (communications director for Ryan’s Senate campaign) highlighted these efforts through social media, using photos and videos from Ryan’s speeches on the House floor.

Levy shared many videos and photos of Ryan speaking in support of legislation to boost domestic semiconductor manufacturing. A second bill would strengthen the pension plans of former employees at Delphi.

FACT alleges that Ryan’s communications chief shared the floor videos with him in violation of House ethics rules.

“He is responsible for his campaign’s actions and, as the House ethics manual explains, a member cannot indirectly do what he is directly prohibited from doing,” said Arnold.

Ryan’s conduct has been criticized once again. Ryan was charged last month with using Ohio’s House proxy voting system to allow him to run for the Senate.