Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur Touts Fighting Back Against Biden Weeks After Embracing Him on Campaign Trail

Marcy Kaptur (Ohio Democratic Rep.) is taking a hard line against President Obama during the final months of the midterm election. She published an ad in which she spoke about “fighting back against the administration” and said that she “doesn’t work for Joe Biden.”

Kaptur’s latest commercial, released Friday, shows that Kaptur is changing her stance against Joe Biden amid declining national approval ratings. Marcy Kaptur fights back. Kaptur says she isn’t working for Biden, but rather “working with Republican Rob Portman to protect jobs.”

She attacks Biden after she welcomed him to Ohio in July, where she was elated at his efforts to preserve state pensions under President Obama’s American Rescue Plan.

Kaptur greeted Biden on the tarmac when Air Force One arrived. Kaptur also kissed Biden on the tarmac as Air Force One arrived. Kaptur also praised Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Many blame it for the 40-year-high inflation rate. It was a “promise made to voters” that promises a “secure and stable retirement.”

Kaptur was again warm to the president during a Cleveland event. “President Biden, we are happy to see you back in Ohio.

We reached Kaptur to ask about her support for Biden if he runs again.

Kaptur gave a glowing endorsement of Biden’s achievements in her speech. If he is nominated, Kaptur will vote for Biden. After all, it is not common for a president to accomplish something like this within two terms.

She said, “So if he declares that he is going to run for reelection (which it seems like he will), I’ll vote in favor of him. ”

The new ad tells a different story.

Kaptur wants to be independent of Biden, as his approval rating continues its decline among Americans despite him signing three new legislations, including the Inflation Reduction Act of 202022.

She also made a dig at her Republican opponent in the ad: “Communist China doesn’t want to be happy, nor extremist J. R. Majewski. Majewski. ”

Many Democratic candidates remain hesitant about supporting Biden’s possible presidential run in 2024. Many remain silent on whether Biden should endorse or campaign alongside them in the run-up to the midterms.

Kaptur is running to defeat Majewski in Ohio’s 9th Congressional district.