Three Google Electricians Gravely Injured After Electrical Incident, Widespread Outages Reported

Three electricians working at a Google data center in Iowa were injured by an explosion on Monday morning at 11:59 AM. The company informed

Yesterday, three people were hurt in an electrical accident at Google Data Center in Council Bluffs. They are being treated.

All three workers were conscious and breathing after the incident. One worker was taken by helicopter to the hospital. Two others were taken by ambulance.

Google holds a market share of 86 percent in search engine usage and is the most popular. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is one of the most powerful tech companies in the world with a market capitalization exceeding $1.5 trillion. Gmail and Google search engines are working fine for me, according to some people. reports that some users are still having issues with Gmail and other Google services.

There have been many funny memes posted to Twitter about people panicking over not being able to access the search engine. I won’t print these because they were seriously injured.

SFGATE explains the importance of data centers:

Google operates 14 data centers in the United States and 23 globally. Council Bluffs, Iowa is Google’s most important location site.

While no one was killed and hopefully the three employees will recover, the incident reminds us of just how much we rely on the internet and its services in the modern age. Pull the plug and we’re all in loads of trouble.