Deep State Burns Its Bridges to Get Trump and Now It’s Fighting for Its Life

What is our reaction to the raid by 30 FBI agents on President Trump’s Florida residence to seize 35 boxes of records in what could be the Deep State’s 8th or 7th impeachment effort? First, why aren’t there raids against the Democrats who took the jet from Epstein to Epstein’s pedophile Island with its easy access to sex with girls underage? Why aren’t there raids against Hunter Biden or the other crimes that were documented on the laptop Why not raid Hilary Clinton, after she destroyed evidence?

It is a good thing, and it is something I believe is fantastic news. At least a third no longer believe they can expect justice from federal departments that bear that name. They realize that federal law enforcement is only for those in power and their “interagency” agenda. This truth will help you stay sane in times when Washington is absurd. It’s all about power. You don’t have any power so the message is to keep your head low and your mouth closed. This is America’s ultimate brush-back pitch to the American public. They are clearly ready to clean up Washington.

They will however say that it is only about federal records retention laws and classified documents. Hmmm… where are the Muller team’s prosecutions? They were required by federal law to keep their cell phone records intact. The inspector general found that they had “forgotten” their passwords and they were able to make too many incorrect attempts. They turned them in. Their cell phones are now permanently locked. “Hypocrites” is too mild of a term. These are the same fake frauds that want to enforce federal records rules against Trump.

An acquaintance in the legal system, who is not a Trump fan, told me that it was dangerous to draw too many conclusions this early. However, he believes Attorney General Merrick Garland is taking a huge gamble that could bankrupt him if there are no “smoking guns”.

I am a cynic, but it is a plus. Too many people on juries and the general public believe in the Department of Justice blindly. This is foolish and undeserved. The Department of Justice has pursued Trump for six years. It started with Russian collusion and ended with the Steel dossier. They’ve made a fool of themselves. They will make even more mistakes if they fail to address this issue again. Trump derangement syndrome is a way to do that.

They are overconfident because they have a judicial system that can bring cases to the District of Columbia, which is a third-world judicial hell-hole. Trump received a few votes in the district. You would receive the same number of votes from a fourth or fifth party depending on where you live. He is hated by the District. Judges and juries in D.C. have a history of breaking any rules to convict Trump. One case was a case in which a jury foreman falsified her jury form to get the case moving. What were the results? These were the same consequences for the person who leaked a Supreme Court decision. The South’s pre-civil rights jury nullification process in the South looks like a child’s game because of the swamp.

Even if they were successful, the Deep State has already ruined their reputations by setting this precedent. Either a returning President Trump or a newly elected President DeSantis can now investigate Joe “The Big Guy”, Biden’s possible history of play pay. Hunter’s indiscretion about how Hunter and his family got so rich on a government-paid salary is a great reason Hunter was chosen as a target. The same goes for Nancy Pelosi’s “I Rip up State of the Union Addresses”, the greatest investor in stock market history. What about the sexual harassment allegations against Joe? After losing an election, it is no longer acceptable to “let the defeated opposition party go in peace”. This is a high-stakes game and you need to be careful. Trump was not a good enough Mr. Nice Guy to prosecute his opponents. Gov. DeSantis is a hard-ball player who can compete with the best.

We are witnessing the end of an unwritten rule that prominent Washington politicians (like presidents) can’t be prosecuted after they have resigned from office. Goodbye to the equal injustice of the uni-party government. In the pre- Brandon days, “Lock her Up” was a popular chant at Trump rallies. It may now be a common chant. It is possible that Washington’s days of corruption may be over.

What is Trump’s next move? Trump may have already announced his plans to run as president. The end game appears to be to limit voters’ choices and take away the issue of who will be the next president. Why not make them disqualify at least one active candidate? It doesn’t get much higher if you are looking to play for big stakes. This will hopefully wake up some sleepwalking Republicans and allow them to “reinvent the FBI”, as the collectivist jargon likes it to be called. The deep state is currently fighting for its existence. Will it prevail? And will the establishment Republicans be able to get out of its way for long enough to give it a fair fight? Keep watching.