This ‘Socialist’ Metro Atlanta Mayor’s Sense of Entitlement Is Appalling

South Fulton is one of Georgia’s youngest towns, having been founded in 2017. South Fulton, Ga., is the 8th largest city in the Peach State, with a founding date of 2017.

South Fulton’s mayor is a real character. Khalid Kamau is the mayor of South Fulton. He spells his official name in lowercase, Mayor khalid Kamau.

His biography as mayor reveals what his priorities are. South Fulton is the blackest large city in America. Its population is 92 percent African American. khalid [is] on a mission to turn America’s Blackest City Black. On Purpose – a city which is not only unapologetic of its demographics but moves on purpose to become a laboratory for policies in economics, housing and restorative justice aimed at improving African Americans’ lives.

Kamau is a mayor who has the right to enter people’s homes whenever he pleases. Kamau was arrested by police on July 8 after he entered private property.

WSB-TV reported that South Fulton Mayor Khalid Kamau had been charged with criminal trespass, first-degree burglary and criminal trespass after he was seen walking onto private property along Cascade Palmetto Highway. Officials say the homeowner confronted Kamau and pulled out his gun, then ordered him to “stay put” until police arrived.

According to a police report, a homeowner noticed an unidentified person in his home and instructed him to remain there until the authorities arrived. The man who was Kamau replied: “Do you even know who I am?” I am the Mayor and I will wait until my police arrive and then see what happens.

“My” police? This is not a very socialist attitude, right?

The homeowner responded, “No motherf***ker. You stay right there.” Kamau claimed he then stepped up to introduce himself. But the homeowner told him, “If I shoot you, you’ll be dead.” Kamau said he apologized.

What was Kamau’s excuse for wandering into an unknown house?

The mayor said to Fox 5 Atlanta, “I only wanted to see the home.” “I apologize to the owner.” “I thought it was abandoned.”

Like any good leftist Kamau, brought politics into his arrest story, telling Fox 5: “I hope the spotlight that is shining on our city will bring to light some of the injustices that have occurred.”

Do you think that “inequalities”, such as Kamau’s inability to enter any house whenever he wishes, are also included? You don’t have to worry, his supporters were there in full force as he left the police station.

“Mayor Khalid has a passion for his job. Reshard Snellings, WSB’s Reshard, said that he uses his tagline a great deal. The people know him as ‘People Mayor’. A true man of his people would refer to “my police”, when they trespass on another person’s property.

The city of South Fulton said in a press release that it was committed to upholding law and to ensuring all individuals are treated equally, no matter their position. As the investigation is ongoing, we cannot provide any further details.

Mayor Khalid sounds just like any other socialist — he has the right to do what he pleases and go anywhere he chooses once he is in power. It doesn’t really matter what excuses he makes.