Five-Year-Olds Learn Military Training at Summer Boot Camps

If their parents are liberal, they might write about pride events, family vacations, and days at the pool in their essays on “How I spent my summer”. Summer vacation has a different meaning for Chinese schoolchildren. In boot camps around the country, the Chinese military trains five-year-olds – yes, kindergarteners – to use firearms and fight as real soldiers. Toy weapons such as knives, grenades, and rifles are used to teach the children how to fight. Children are taught military behavior, such as saluting.

It is well known that communist countries have long been bastions of the “get-em-while-they’re-young” mentality. China is no exception. Chinese Youth League, a group of Chinese youth aged 14-28, numbers approximately 73.7 million. The Young Pioneers is another group that includes children ages 5-14. This organization has a membership of around 130,000,000. According to reports, the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee has been pushing for a greater emphasis on “National Defense Education”, starting in 2019. Brandon Weichert, a U.S. Air Force Consultant, speculated on the motivation behind Chinese President Xi Jinping’s push to create a generation of Chinese youth who are combat-ready:

Xi Jinping wants to create not only a patriotic fervor in the next generation but also actual soldiers to fight the wars he intends to wage.

What are Chinese children learning while American kids watch cartoons or attend drag queen story hours, and are taught that America’s a bad country? The first thing they learn is basic military etiquette. Next, they are taught combat skills, and finally, emergency medical training. It may seem that helping injured people is a good thing to do at a young age, but this is only the beginning of indoctrination. The Chinese National Anthem and the Chinese Flag were raised by PLA soldiers at the opening ceremony of a summer camp in May. Children pledged to “love the motherland forever, and dedicate our hearts to building the dream of a strong country.” They are taught to salute and to stand up at attention. They are also taught other basics, which many American parents may not find difficult. These include grooming and making the bed.

Here, summer camp is no longer innocent. It’s clear who and what the Chinese officials are preparing the children for – a conflict with the United States. Children are instructed to act as one unit and follow instructions. Here they are “promoted” to weapons instruction. Then they act out different “skirmishes”, and pretend to shoot at each other. The lesson also includes emulating the nation’s war heroes and sacrifices. Children watched the animated series “Long March Hero,” in which the Red Army fights Imperial Japanese forces before the 1949 revolution. If there was still doubt, the children also watched “Long March Exercise,” a simulation that simulates “a retreat being attacked by America.”

By preparing Chinese children to be military-ready, China can recruit an unlimited number of people for what could conceivably be a conflict against the U.S. The U.S. southern border is open to all, and reports indicate that more Chinese men of military age are crossing the border. China expert Gordon Chang believes that the PLA enters the U.S. via the southern border. This dangerous combination could cause big problems for the United States. Brandon Weichert appears to confirm this and states the cold, hard truth about some major differences between what American children and Chinese students are taught.

They don’t talk about girls becoming boys and vice versa. The future is a world where kids will be playing in the fields with bayonets and pretending to kill Americans.