They’ll Make Sure You Never Say The Right Thing

There’s no opting out of the Black Lives Matter movement. You’re either for it or you’re a racist. You either support its publicity or get ready to be harassed, shunned, and shamed out of mainstream America. The message is loud and clear, not just from the protestors but also the corporations and institutions themselves who are desperate enough to escape the movement’s wrath from being targeted and mobbed.

The list of people who have lost their jobs or have been suspended for criticizing or even questioning the movement is growing daily. 

Most prominent on this list is New York Times opinion page editor James Bennet who “resigned” after he ran an op-ed by Republican Sen. Tom Cotton that made the uncontroversial case that the U.S Military should be deployed if the police can’t get riots under control. 

Another who has topped the list is Stan Wischnowski, top editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer, who was forced to resign after a headline in the architecture column read “Buildings Matter, Too” which ran after scores of buildings in downtown Philly that had been destroyed by rioters. 

There’s also Bon Appetit editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport, Variety editor-in-chief Claudia Eller, NBA announcer Grant Napear, and the list goes on and on. Even a professor at UCLA was placed on leave after refusing to cancel a final exam following the death of George Floyd. There’s also the handful of reporters who have complained that BLM protests violate the government’s social distancing rules.

Safe to say, BLM isn’t entirely interested in free speech. It wants power. As a political movement, they aren’t fighting actual racism or expanding liberty and justice for all under our constitutional system. It draws on Marxism traditions and models the French revolution, hence the workplace purges. The movement’s power and influence have bred hatred and animosity, instead of showing people how they could be wrong and teaching communities to be better. 

The movement uses the same arguments that the Soviet Union had to create one of the most repressive regimes humanity has ever known. It’s the same argument the Nazi’s used after they came into power in 1933. It is possible to push positive change without targeted harassment for holding a different belief than others. The BLM movement cannot allow honest discourse or the free exchange of ideas. 

If you’re defending the principle of free speech then you are also defending the views you find despicable. This is about defending the right to speak. This all circles back to media coverage and the First Amendment too. Right now, the movement seeks to seize power by monopolizing the definition of racism and wielding against anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their radical policies.

In other words, you’re fired.