The Wins Of A Republican Senate

While the votes continue to pour in over one of the tightest presidential races in decades, it became a disaster for the radical left in Washington. Democrats, especially House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have continued to talk about their plans for winning a majority in the Senate, but have already lost to a few big Republican names.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell kept his spot against Amy McGrath, Sen. Lindsey Graham kept his spot against Jaime Harrison, Sen. Susan Collins kept her spot in Maine, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst won a second term, and the list goes on. So much for a blue wave. It was nothing but a red wave throughout the House.

No matter who wins, Republicans have a little less than 200 seats making themselves an extremely powerful minority. Democrats fell short in Ohio, Illinois, and Texas. They lost about six lawmakers on Election Night, including Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and Rep. Donna Shalala in South Florida. 

“We have held the House and now, when – after all the votes are counted, we’ll see how much better we will do than that. We are in a situation where some of the states have just said we’re not counting any more until tomorrow morning and, of course, the West Coast has not chimed in yet, so there’s more to come,” Speaker Pelosi said.

She has been more than hopeful after the initial results, despite being severely outspent. Republican seats were captured by those who spent far less than their opponents on targeted advertising and campaign rallies. Republicans also gained seats in Texas, Indianapolis, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Minnesota, and South Carolina. 

“We defied the odds. It’s the night of the Republican women. … The Democrats never solved one problem in their majority. They promised they would govern differently, and they didn’t,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. 

While the presidential election remains unclear, President Trump has promised to take this to the Supreme Court if the situation remains locked in a slow-motion brawl. They are awaiting final results from several states and the race is still not over. There are as many as 2 million mail-in ballots still to be counted and with no deadline to finish them by. 

“While the votes continue to be counted, we’re going to remain vigilant, as the president said. The right to vote has been at the center of our democracy since the founding of this nation, and we’re going to protect the integrity of the vote,” said Vice President Mike Pence.

We are confident, even with the results of the election, that a Republican Senate is powerful enough. Joe Biden would have a hard time getting a Cabinet approved, along with all of his Democratic wishes. It’s incredibly unclear at this point to call anything, but in an extremely close race, anything is possible.