Pelosi Tells NPR She’s Ready To Make The Call

National Public Radio’s Ari Shapiro recently sat down with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to talk about what will be happening post-election. While hoping to get some answers about the prospects for another pandemic relief package, Pelosi also talked about getting “ready” to dispute the presidential nominee if it ends up in the hands of Congress. 

Shapiro asked the House Speaker what will happen if the vote does not produce a decisive result. “Are you confident in the resilience of American democratic systems to handle a contested election if it comes to that?” Shapiro asked. 

Pelosi made a snide comment that we are “great enough” to have survived even one term of President Donald Trump. She said that two terms would be a serious setback for the country, but did not make remarks In regards to how the outcome would be disputed. Shapiro pressed this question on Pelosi again.

“We’ve been ready for a while because we see this irresponsibility of the president, his disrespect for the Constitution, for our democracy, and for the integrity of our elections. So we’re ready for him,” Pelosi said. She added that all they need is a “big vote” to dispel any thought other than Joe Biden being inaugurated president of the United States. 

Pelosi and the radical left have pushed for a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate for quite some time now. As we move closer to election results, the odds are shifting in favor of President Donald Trump. Joe Biden is not performing as well in several of the key battleground states he needs to win. 

President Trump already claimed victories in Texas, Ohio, and Florida, while Joe Biden took victories in Arizona and Minnesota. There are still a large number of votes needed in the all-important battleground Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral votes. 

The race comes down to who will reach 270 electoral votes or if there will be a near tie, leaving it in the hands of Congress. From the sound of it, we don’t want anything near House Speaker Pelosi’s hands. 

Between the high volume of mail-in ballots and those who waited until the day of to vote in person, it may be days before we get official counts within critical states. This could either brighten Trump’s path to victory or darken it. 

With the polls finally closing and states in a hurry to roll over the results, it’s going to be an interesting next few days.