The New Nike Spokesperson for Sports Bras Is Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney is suddenly everywhere. He was once a homosexual “flamboyant” guy and today is a trans woman. He is currently advertising for Bud Light. He is also the current pitchman for Ole Henrikson and Ulta Beauty. This list will probably grow even more by the time this article is finished. Mulvaney is now the Nike Women’s spokesperson for a product he doesn’t need, sports bras.

This is extraordinary. The only thing to note is that Dylan Mulvaney has never been a man who claims to be a woman. That made him a TikTok star with his “Day X of Being a Girl” series, which has become massively popular despite the fact that he hasn’t actually spent even one day as a girl. Yet even seen in the light of his TikTok stardom, the blizzard of endorsements Mulvaney is getting is striking.

If the trend continues, there will be no products for which Dylan Mulvaney has not been the pitchman. Mulvaney’s success, which is undoubtedly immensely lucrative for him, would be envied by Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Mark Spitz, and pre-Caitlyn John Jenner.

It almost seems like a sinister, unseen figure has decided to support Dylan Mulvaney and is strong-arming these companies with carrots and sticks to make him their spokesperson. This could be an example of the groupthink that is becoming more common on the Left. Mulvaney is featured in one company, so all companies have to do the same.

Mulvaneymania may not be the real reason, but it is certain that Mulvaneymania’s corporate sponsors are trying to normalize men’s belief in women. We’ll see Dylan everywhere, whether we are enthralled by his prancing around mocking real women’s actions or disgusted. He’s there, he’s gay, and the corporate elites want us to get used to it.

But why? Dylan Mulvaney would be expelled and banned if he painted his face black and performed a minstrel show. His mockery of femininity is not only tolerated but celebrated. His popularity is not the point. After the propagandist tactics in totalitarian states, it is important to remember that the old order is gone and that the new order is here. In which tradition is meaningless and family is built on proclivities and not bloodlines, one does not have loyalty to any other state.

On Thursday, a real woman wrote me about Nike’s new sports bra pitchman. She said that Dylan Mulvaney was deeply offensive to her as a woman. Although I initially thought the Bud Light thing was hilarious, it is truly awful. It is an insult to every woman who struggled with breastfeeding her baby, an insult to every woman who lost a baby, an insult to every girl who felt too flat, and an insult to any girl who was large enough to draw unwanted attention. While I understand that men have to deal with these unwanted moments, a girl’s shift is visible 24-7 and is equally awkward.

These words serve as a reminder to us in this dizzy age that, even if Dylan Mulvaney has breasts for which he requires a sports bra, they will only be decorative and have no biological or human function. The Left is trying to make us forget the obvious and plainly visible realities of biology and accept their fantasies and distortions as reality. This will make them dependent upon us as arbiters and determinants of reality. The goal is to force us to believe the Leftist moral superiors, not our lying eyes. They have therefore found Mr. Dylan Mulvaney, the perfect embodiment of their ideals.