The Minneapolis Police Used Excessive Force, Targeted Minorities Prior to Floyd Incident

With the support for BLM at a record low, the majority of Americans identifying themselves as conservatives rather than leftists and the Bidens’ septic tanks threatening to overflow, Merrick Garland, the Department of Justice, decided that the release of the investigation results into the Minneapolis Police Department was best done on Friday morning.

On the 21st of April 2021, the Department of Justice began an investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department and City of Minneapolis. By that time, Derek Chauvin was convicted by state court of George Floyd’s murder in 2020. Earlier, other MPD officers were responsible for shootings which triggered public outcry. This culminated in civil unrest in the weeks following George Floyd’s death.

The federal investigation was focused on the MPD as a whole and not any individual officer. It is true that many MPD officers perform their difficult jobs with professionalism, respect, and courage. However, we found out from our investigation that systemic problems within MPD were responsible for what happened to George Floyd.

The Department of Justice believes that the City of Minneapolis, and the Minneapolis Police Department, engage in a pattern of conduct or practice that deprives the people of their constitutional and federal rights.

The report said the MPD has “deficiencies in accountability, training and supervision” and that officer wellness programs are also contributing factors. They also accused MPD of using “dangerous weapons and techniques” against people that had committed minor offenses or none at all, and punishing people that angered officers or criticised them. They also claim that officers patrol neighborhoods based upon racial composition, and engage in racial bias during their encounter

The Daily Mail reported that Garland had made a Friday statement in which he criticized the Minneapolis Police Department, accusing them of “repeatedly utilizing excessive force, discriminating black people, and mistreating mental ill individuals.” Garland also claimed that the police violated the First Amendment rights for journalists and protestors. This is not unusual, given Garland’s record.

This is not new. All of these talking points have been used by the Left for years, and even before that. No one is surprised; the only thing that matters is timing. Garland and Co. knew that, given the current national mood, they had to stir up racial hatred to get the conversation moving in a direction that was comfortable to them.

The purpose of this is to create a distraction.