Is Jill Biden Cruel?

Our readers are well aware that we report on Joe Biden’s gaffes and other incoherencies, as they happen so frequently and need to be recorded for record-keeping since he is the “leader of the free world”.

Some of these incidents are more serious than others, even though they are common and often portrayed as “dog bites a man” type news stories. In September, during a White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, Biden called out Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind. The co-chairperson of the House Hunger Caucus, Jackie Walorski (R-Ind. ), was Biden.

Biden asked, “Jackie are you here?” “Where’s Jackie?” Biden asked, looking around the room to find the Congresswoman. She was unfortunately not present because she had tragically died a month earlier in Indiana after a car crash. Biden was alleged to have known this at the time, considering that he and Jill Biden released a statement in which they paid tribute to Walorski’s efforts.

In North Carolina, an alarm was raised during a military function involving Joe Biden and Jill Biden. Biden seemed to be very confused and blank after his speech and had to be gently guided by a handler as to where to go and how to act, just like earlier that day.

Jill Biden, who was speaking at the gathering of military personnel, could not hide the tension in her voice as she waited for Joe Biden, who arrived late, to take the stage.

This brings me to my central thought bubble: Dr. Biden’s continual enabling of Joe Biden’s presidency through actions that, in my opinion, are very close to elder abuse. Mrs. Biden is reportedly the main figure in coordinating Joe’s notoriously aggressive handlers and scripting his public performances, as well as ridiculing her staffers whenever Joe looks bad, which happens a lot.

Jill Biden is the Shover-in-Chief and the Handler in Chief. The former for obvious reasons, and the latter for her tendency to literally push Joe Biden out of the stage whenever he goes off course – which happens a lot.

I’ve called her “Rescuer in Chief” because she has had to intervene so many times for Joe Biden when he’s gone off script.

Jill Biden, in her role as his wife for 46 years, is being unseemly by not calling off the second round of the reelection race before Joe Biden’s mental state gets worse.

But that’s not going to happen. Jill Biden was said to have been the person who most urged Joe Biden to seek a second term. She believed that there were things to be done and that Joe Biden, at least on paper, would be the right man to accomplish them.

Was that really her motivation?

Jill Biden has been criticized for her Edith Wilson-like devotion to her husband’s presidential tenure. This is particularly disturbing when you consider that Wilson was, according to, “the First Lady who became acting president without being elected” while her husband Woodrow Wilson was in office.

They also stated that “Wilson oversaw her husband’s presidential affairs for one year and five months while he recovered from a stroke”.

In a normal situation – as I have said before – a wife stepping up to protect, defend and advise her husband to ensure he isn’t taken advantage of, or made to appear bad, shouldn’t be a problem. Many caregivers in America do this every day, and it’s fine.

This isn’t a normal situation. Joe Biden is the President of the United States. This is a position where projecting strength, showing your ability to communicate clearly, and making your own decisions are paramount to your success both at home and abroad.

It becomes more and more clear to me that it is not Joe Biden who runs this country, but the people who keep him in power, Jill Biden, the most prominent of them all.

At this point, it’s cruel to force him to try to go the extra mile one more time. But here we are because Jill Biden, as she has said, is determined not to be known only as a powerful politician’s wife. She seems to want more than just the trappings that come with a presidential position but without the work required to reach this level.

What about her? And her conduit?

Jill Biden: Don’t be mad and go back to Delaware in 2024 with your husband.