The McCarthy Saga Gets the Ever-Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Treatment

While you might be disappointed by the election of Kevin McCarthy, California’s Representative, some positive outcomes were achieved in the entertainment sector.

Bad Lip Reading is a YouTube channel that has a reputation for humorous some of the most difficult political moments. The target of Republican infighting about McCarthy’s bid to become Speaker was McCarthy.

Bad Lip Reading (BLR), is a channel that plays any kind of advertisement, including those from Presidents and the NFL, and then removes the audio. Then he transcribes the characters with words that are similar to the lips of his subject. He sometimes uses the wrong words. But when it comes to serious moments in politics, it’s even funnier.

Take, for example, the famous confrontation McCarthy had with Matt Gaetz in Florida about Gaetz being a holdout. It ended with Mike Rogers, an Alabama Republican, lunging at Gaetz. BLR captured the moment and made what many consider to be their favorite part of infighting.

Have you ever wondered what Gaetz and New York City’s Squad leader Alexandria Ocasio Cortez were discussing? BLR knows the answer.

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds was a star along with Minnesota’s Tom Emmer.

More of Bad Lip Reading’s work can be seen on his YouTube channel. He does his best talking about American politics and the NFL.

He will hopefully continue making these videos over time. If U.S. politics becomes an absurd joke, we can at least have BLR.