The Lawless Cities Up For Grabs

As protests, destruction, and chaos continue, so does the skyrocketing numbers of murders per day. In the Democrat cities, we are seeing police pulling back from fear and mayors dissembling criminal units across the board. 

New York City, for example, just dissembled their undercover anti-crime units. Since that, murders have been up 358%, according to NBC New York. From just 12 last year during the same period to 55 in 2020. Two victims died in at least 21 shootings across four NYC boroughs between Friday and Saturday. A total of 74 people were wounded in 55 shootings. Most of the gunfire was in the Bronx; four in Brooklyn, two in Queens, and one in Manhattan. Survivors varied in age from 16 to 47. Some of the victims were just innocent bystanders struck by stray gunfire. 

The rise in shootings started with NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea disbanding an anti-crime plainclothes unit that focused on stopping people and searching for guns. Mayor Bill de Blasio has also pledged additional investment in community anti-crime initiatives. The city is investing $10 million in new crisis management systems and implored the justice system in the city to take a tougher stand against people caught with illegal guns or people who have been charged in shootings by changing the bail reform law and prosecutors decisions. Wait…so now they want stricter policies? I thought that was what everyone was whining about in the first place. 

Over the weekend, a mass shooting happened in Minneapolis. In Chicago, 102 people were shot, one shooting taking the life of a child while four others were hospitalized. Here’s to demonetizing police and Democrat politicians supporting bad decisions in impoverished communities. Destroying statues and claiming riots does not endanger the liberals sitting in their fancy secured homes while more black lives are being lost due to the protest movement than being saved. By fostering an environment where shootings skyrocket you aren’t “protecting the people,” you are making things worse.

An increase in police will just look like provocation and any reduction in police presence is then blamed when violence increases. It’s a lose-lose situation and the leaders of the cities are not doing what needs to be done to stop the riots. Protesters can’t complain about police not doing their jobs when they feel threatened and abandoned. They will protect themselves and pull back. 

The loss of life is reaching staggering numbers and is a poor reflection of the Democrat politics at hand. The cities where these shootings occur have been heavily Dem, and to those radical leftists, they don’t care if the cities are minority and impoverished as long as they keep pulling the strings to push their political narratives. Wow…less cops means more crime? Who would’ve thought? I’m sure the Dems next solution will just be to tear down another statue or something.