The King Of Media

We now have a new King of cable news…and that is Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson now has the highest ratings of any program in cable news history. He recently spoke on his program about what would happen if Biden wins and the clear strategy for the GOP to follow to prevent that from happening.

Carlson pointed out that there has never been an American political party as radical and as angry as the Democrats are now. He questions what would happen with their unlimited power if Biden were in office and what they would plan to do in their first year. He said Democrats would immediately pardon 20 million illegal aliens to get them on the voting rolls so that it would be impossible for Republicans to win any more national elections. They would abolish Senate filibuster rules to pass any law they want, enlarge and pack the Supreme Court, and grant statehood to the District of Columbia so that they can enlarge their Senate majority. 

By pointing out these points, Carlson made it clear that the Republican party must provide voters to save the nation from slipping into a liberal tyranny. America is built on the promise of vigorous defense of total equality under the law. It used to be obvious, but now it no longer is. Republicans must counterbalance the self-righteous lunatics who mean harm. If Biden loses, those who supported Donald Trump will be punished. There’s no question about that. Being a non-Democrat in America has become some sort of crime to the eyes of the mainstream media platforms.

Carlson explains that what the Democrats are doing does not build a free society or protect the First Amendment. Authoritarians are trying to control the language behind everything and Republicans should lead the fight against this without the shame. Americans have the absolute right to free thinking and this is non-negotiable. If Americans can’t think freely then they can’t solve problems. Certain categories of thought are “off limits” to the Liberals and that’s exactly what they want. Partisan junk food.

The biggest fight of all is for genuine constituency, the middle class of normal Americans. The Democrats are itching for a second civil war and it’s more important than ever to re-elect President Donald Trump. 

Tucker’s vital points have truly made him the “king of media.” He is rapidly becoming the most powerful voice for the conservatives. He sees the danger and is pointing it all out and getting people to vote.