An Unforgettable Summer

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is calling for the city council to investigate one of their own after she led a protest at the mayor’s home this past weekend. She expressed outrage after the Black Lives Matter protesters showed up at her home, despite her previous support and defense of the “CHOP” encampment, even going as far as calling it all a “summer of love.”

Durkan, who had previously praised and supported these protesters at the Capitol Hill said that the protest to her home was in direct disregard of her family and children. She blamed Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant, a socialist who has openly advocated for the complete dismantling of capitalism, spoke at the protest and knew that Durkan’s address was protected under the state confidentiality program. The protection and confidentiality is due largely to her work as a U.S Attorney.

Protesters targeted her home after she stopped supporting the “CHOP” encampment zone and would seek to remove the concrete barriers that helped define the autonomous zone. She gave the protesters a deadline for when the barriers were to come down and that the city would be dismantling the bordered zone. Protesters had reiterated their demands, which included defunding the police force by 50% and channeling the funds to social services. 

As most protesters have lost interest in “CHOP,” a new group calling itself the “Black Collective Voices” have tried to seize leadership within the zone. When the Seattle Times asked Sawant about the mayor’s change of heart, she said it was an attack on the entire Black Lives movement and denied organizing the protest at Durkan’s home. 

Along with the zone that no longer seems to be the “summer of love,” there was another shooting Monday morning at the CHOP. One black 16-year-old teen was shot and killed, and a 14-year-old was injured and is in critical condition. Police are still investigating the best they can, but no suspects have been identified. 

Mayor Durkan promoting CHOP at one point and now baffled by the protesters at her door have proven one thing to be true for liberal politicians: “It’s okay for regular Americans and their kids to be scared, but not mine.” She has allowed a lawless zone to develop where countless people have been shot and several died, but it all changes when it’s her own home. Another double-edged sword for the Libs.