The FBI Begs to Differ With Twitter’s Excuse for Censoring Hunter Biden Email Story Prior to 2020 Election

What’s the matter? Is the embattled FBI now acting like America’s top law enforcement agency, if only for a moment? Instead of being blatantly a sycophantic wingman to the Democrat Party? Is it trying to protect itself by throwing pre-Elon Musk’s tweet under the bus? Maybe a little bit of each.

This is fascinating in any case.

On December 3, FBI supervisor special agent Elvis Chan refuted claims by Yoel Roth, a former Twitter executive, that the FBI had warned Big Tech that Russia would likely leak Hunter Biden’s emails prior to the 2020 election. This, according to the Washington Free Beacon. It could lead to a confrontation over the social media company’s censorship of this explosive story.

Roth, who was in charge of Twitter’s Site Integrity group until his November resignation told the Federal Election Commission that Twitter had been prompted by FBI warnings to censor a New York Post Oct. 14, 2020 article detailing Biden’s business email addresses.

Chan claimed that the FBI officials didn’t mention Biden during their weekly meetings with Twitter before the election.

I don’t recall us ever specifically referring to Hunter Biden in any of our meetings. This would have been something [Roth] would have thought of as a hot-button topic on his own that occurred in October.

We have it. The FBI claims Roth is full-of-stuff. Or was Roth careful in choosing his words, focusing on Hunter Biden vs. the belief that a Russian plot could be real? Popcorn, anyone?

Whatever the truth, Roth’s December 17, 2020 account of events, in an affidavit filed to the Federal Election Commission, states that the FBI warnings played a direct role in Twitter’s decision not to censor the story.

In these meetings, I was informed that intelligence agencies expected political campaign associates to be the target of hacking attacks. The material resulting from those attacks would likely be distributed over social media platforms including Twitter. In these meetings, I was also informed that there were rumors of a hack-and-leak operation involving Hunter Biden.


Although I would suggest Yoel Roth is nothing more than a slithering serpent, that wouldn’t be professional. The same guy who, in 2017, mocked Trump White House officials and called them “ACTUAL NAZIS.”

Oh, and Mr. Roth! Twitter 2.0 chief honcho Elon Musk published internal emails last week showing that Twitter executives censored Hunter Biden’s story, even though they weren’t sure if it was based upon hacked materials.

It’s either flying today or Hell freezing. Incredulously, I’m going to follow the FBI’s account. Next, Joe Biden admits that he is merely a useful idiot puppet of the radical left.

Yoel Roth also reported that Roth defended his decision not to suspend The Babylon Bee, a conservative satire website, and the popular (also conservative) Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account, which he had suspended repeatedly during his tenure.

Roth, the self-appointed arbitrator of all things funny or not, stated that he censored The Bee.

Really? Twitter’s censorship scandal involving Hunter Biden was not only absurd but also an attempt to influence the 2020’s presidential election.

My colleague also reported that the company’s janitors are now on strike.

Yup, Service Employees Internation Union Local87 in San Francisco walked out of the job on Monday. Streiff points out that while a strike by janitors would not be newsworthy in general, this strike was a unique one as it provided cleaning services to Twitter headquarters.

The dust-up started the week before when Flagship Maintenance Solutions employees told 20 cleaning crew members that they would not be needed for Twitter last Friday. They demanded severance and notice in advance of any layoffs, apparently unaware that they weren’t working for Twitter. Twitter immediately locked them out, canceled their Flagship contract, and fired all of the crew.

There is never a dull moment when Elon is at the Twitter helm. Elon continues to tighten the screws, which is especially important.