Janitors’ Union Went on Strike Outside Twitter, So Musk Gave Them the Reagan Treatment

Twitter fired 20 of its San Francisco janitors, who were employed by the company to clean their offices. Those left on strike learned that it was a bad move and Elon Musk fired them as well.

Musk’s firing of employees so close to Christmas was a source of fury for some.

Olga Miranda (the president of the janitors union) stated that Twitter informed her cleaning contractor that they were cutting her contract. “So, we have approximately 48 families without work. It just so happens that it is three weeks before Christmas.”

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to strike three weeks before Christmas, but?

The California Labor Federation, which represents 1,200 California unions and condemned Musk’s actions in an ironic tweet.

This story reminds me of the 1981 strike by 11,000 air traffic controllers that President Reagan fired.