Democrat’s Won’t Let It Rest Even With More Than 36 Million Unemployed Americans

Talk about deja vu. The House Democrats are trying to impeach President Donald Trump. Again. 

The lower chamber majority recently told the Supreme Court that they are in the middle of an “ongoing presidential impeachment investigation” that requires grand-jury proceedings from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s two-and-a-half-year probe. Since President Trump was acquitted of two articles of impeachment in February, the Democrats have expressed the desire to try it again….because it worked so well for them the first time around. Now they are requesting classified material that they have pledged not to leak under “special protocols.” 

The Committee’s Investigation has not ceased with the conclusion of the impeachment trial. Democrats believe that new evidence could be revealed within these documents supporting the impeachable offenses not covered by the articles adopted by the House. 

This is now locking Democrats in a legal battle over grand jury evidence. The Justice Department has argued that the House Committee isn’t entitled to grand jury evidence, saying it has failed to explain which specific testimony it needs access to or how it would help its investigation into potential obstruction by the President. 

The focus on this information comes from more than a year after the independent special counsel wrapped up their investigation with unlimited resources. This exonerated President Trump on charges of Russian collusion and obstruction of justice for firing FBI Director James Comey. 

The claims revealed (and covered by the left-winged media platforms) that members of the Trump Campaign, including the President himself,  were acting as Russian agents. This has been nothing more than a wild conspiracy theory but the Democrats are, yet again, moving forward with another impeachment inquiry anyway. They have even suggested expanding and including the Justice Department’s handling of the cases of Stone and Flynn. 

This latest effort comes three months after the collapse of their attempt to impeach President Trump over a phone call with the Ukrainian president. All of this in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Nice move, Democrats.

More than 36 million Americans have filed for unemployment, reaching record-high levels of joblessness nearing at 15%…talk about a political firestorm at the worst time possible. But let us not forget the latest witch hunt against President Trump.