The Creepiest Thing Just Happened In Portland…

Rioters are clearly losing momentum and are trying to find new and creative ways of expressing their hate against the “race wars” in America. All of the silly and downright weird stories have been coming from riots in Portland, specifically. 

The local police have been working with the Feds, as part of the agreement, that they would keep the park clear of rioters. Basically, do your job to protect the outside of the building and the extra fed agents we sent in to help protect lives will leave. 

Oregon Governor Kate Brown made this deal with the DHS and promised to send in the Oregon State Police to protect the area around the courthouse and clear out the park that had been a staging area for the rioters. Rioters had destroyed the parks in downtown Portland, turning the grass to dirt mounds and leaving trash everywhere. It was starting to look like an autonomous zone to a lesser degree.

With the park cleared out, there were far less protesters and fewer weapons. This just shows that if the state and local police were allowed to do their jobs, they could keep the surrounding areas clear and safe, eliminating most of the problems in Portland right now. But, of course, the media and radical left politicians have declared their hate for the police right now and won’t let them do their job. 

While the most recent action at the federal courthouse was a bit more mellow than the riots ruling the area for weeks, it was also just truly disgusting. 

Rioters laid an American flag on the ground, put a pig’s head on the flag, and then put a cop’s hat on the pig’s head. Then they lit it on fire. Now people weren’t throwing explosives or tearing down fences, but burning a severed pig’s head in the middle of the street? That’s just creepy.

This isn’t the first time rioters have used a pig as a threat to law enforcement. American conservative social media activist and journalist Andy Ngo pointed this out. 

“In the early weeks of the riots, a pig was found abandoned near downtown Portland in the middle of the night. Police rescued the animal. It is believed a protester was going to kill the pig as an act of anti-police protest but abandoned it last minute,” Ngo tweeted. He also attached the full Oregon Live article with pictures of police finding and comforting the abandoned pig. 

It’s hard to look at all of these Portlanders torturing animals or starting fires and see them as “peaceful protesters.” The narrative doesn’t work anymore. Mainstream media platforms know this which is why we’re hearing less and less of the riots everyday and jumping down the the cancel culture rabbit hole instead. 

The same people who advocate for ethical treatment of animals are the same ones disrespecting them day by day. When will the hypocrisy end? I’d love to hear PETA’s say on this but, as usual, this story won’t make the headlines in mainstream media. It’s too gruesome an act on the left’s part.

For others, the pig is symbolism for the fixation the radical left has on the cops. It’s like that infamous chant, “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon,” a chant better known after a Black Lives Matter supporter assassinated two NYPD officers, Wenjian Lu and Rafael Ramos. 

Let’s call this for what it is – anarchy while using Floyd’s death as a shield. This act has nothing to do with defunding the police or “defeating systemic racism,” it is clearly just a violent act to see cities burn. There is no real goal and just very disorganized chaos. It’s time the media points this out.