Ted Cruz Accuses Liberal Media of Turning on Biden, Predicting His Downfall

The Democrat Party will go to absurd lengths to defend its own until it can’t. The Democrats will throw their embattled co-workers under the bus as soon as they smell blood.

Minnesota Democrat Senator Al Franken is a good example.

Franken’s Senate Democratic colleagues rushed to defend him when he was accused for the first time by a conservative radio host of forcing a kiss on a woman during a U.S.O. His Senate Democrat colleagues rushed in to defend him. Franken was accused by seven more women of similar crimes. Three weeks after his first accusation he had to resign.

Joe Biden is the subject of our attention, but not because he has a creepy habit of smelling women’s hair.

Biden’s cognitive decline has been known to objective people since his infamous campaign for the 2020 presidential election. We were also aware of the “mainstream media’s” heroic efforts to hide Biden’s gradual decline.

After the release of Hur Report in which Biden is described as “a sympathetic elderly man with a bad memory”, calls to step down or end the reelection campaign of the 81-year-old president has reached a fever pitch. This includes not only Republicans and Independents but a growing number of Democrats.

Enter, Lapdog Media

Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican Senator, said in the latest episode of “Verdict With Ted Cruz”, a podcast he hosts with Ben Ferguson. He believes that “corporate media” has begun to turn against Biden due to its growing realization that he would lose if he fought Donald Trump again in November.

Cruz said it best in a tweet on X:

Joe Biden is the focus of media attention.

They are getting nervous because they know that Trump will win if Biden is against Trump.

We take you inside the media panic surrounding Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Joe has to go, as I have said several times recently. The Democrat Party, its quasi-official press, and even the president are aware that Biden is a walking dead man.

Cruz explained in the podcast that:

We’ve discussed this in great detail, listen to the podcast, which drove news… all over the country when we stated months ago that we believed there was a significant chance that the Democrat Party could pull the cord and yank Joe Biden out, replacing him with Michelle Obama.

I do not think that Mrs. Obama would be Biden’s replacement in the event of his forced departure.

While the former first lady hates politics, she and her husband love their lifestyle of multimillionaires. Barack Obama, who he believes is the smartest person in the room at all times, seems to be perfectly content with pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Let’s call this power without personal consequences.

Cruz went on to say that the Democrat Party is perfectly happy with Biden staying in the White House four more years but…

The Democrats and media would be happy to have Joe Biden in the White House for at least four years.

They don’t worry that he is incompetent as a president. They are not concerned that the Department of Justice has said he is not competent to face trial. They are not concerned that he is such a weak leader that our enemies attack our allies and threaten America. They are not concerned that he isn’t competent to perform the job.

They’re only worried about one thing: losing. They would be fine if they thought he’d win. They’d Weekend at Bernie’s, stand him up like a corpse, and tell Joe Biden to keep the puppet strings. They’re concerned he will lose.

Precisely. Biden has been manipulated from the first day of his presidency by unelected leftists. As the Democrat Party marches to the extreme left, having an addled pawn as president makes perfect sense.

Cruz stated that if the Democrat Party fails to replace Biden, and he is nominated as the Democratic Party nominee, then the media would once again label critics “ageists and racists” for questioning the mental capability of the declining president.


I will say it again. Biden is a dead man on the streets. As the smell of death in the water intensifies, the chances of him being nominated for the Democrat nomination to be president of the United States by 2024 are approaching zero.

Al Franken was not available for comment.