Eye-catching: Surprising Number of Edits in Pre-Recorded Joe Biden Video Raise Questions

The release of the Hur Report was a sort of “elephant in a room roars into life” moment for Biden’s 2024 reelection bid as they sought (in vain), to disprove critics’ long-standing observations about Biden’s memory issues.

The video posted on Tuesday by the official “POTUS’ account on Twitter will not help.

The two-minute pre-recorded clip shows Biden yadda-reading about his supposed commitments to America’s global allies while criticizing Donald Trump, Biden’s likely GOP opponent in the general election, for his recent remarks about Russia and the death of Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny. Biden also states that the remarks are “so harmful” according to him.


Notice anything strange about the video besides the fact that it’s heavily staged?

No confusion. There was no confusion. No straying from the script. Biden sounded… coherent for a change even if you disagreed with his message.

Twitter users pointed out that the film had at least 29 cuts.

There are 34 edits on the 120-second video, according to some.

It took so many edits for Biden to appear, at least on the surface, as a lucid world leader. As media critic Joe Concha noted, this is not normal.

It’s crazy and cannot be dismissed by his handlers (though they will certainly try to do so) as something they just did to reduce it to two minutes.

In 2020, we saw this a lot during Biden’s infamous Basement Campaign, when he and the team used COVID-19 as an excuse to keep him in his house, away from people. This allowed Biden to have his routine and actions more tightly controlled, and his video appearances more heavily scripted. He was often interrupted by his handlers to stop the feeds or pretend that there were technical problems.

Though it is not a campaign advertisement, the video posted on Twitter Tuesday will likely be a preview of the future eight months of Joe Biden, as he, his staffers, and handler-in-chief Jill Biden do their best to shield him against questions from the media and his political opponents about his state-of-mind and ability to lead going into the 2024 Presidential election.

It will only raise more questions, not fewer, about Biden’s mental ability.

It’s hard to argue against that. The video is the final proof.