Teacher at Pride Parade Tells Reporter She Doesn’t Care If Kids are There

Over the past year, public school teachers have made it clear how much they care for your children. While many of them continue to say that they don’t, their flexible minds are certainly useful for socio-political purposes.

Red Liberty Media’s Natalie Carey went to California’s Pride Parade and started asking questions. One day, she met a group consisting of women who asked her if they were concerned that children were present at the parade. It was not surprising that the answer was so.

The woman said, “They are not my children.” “I don’t care a sh*t.”

She continued, “Why would you give a damn about someone else’s children?” “That’s not my job.”

She then added something that should make parents take notice.

She said, “As a teacher in school, I approve of this message.”

This should not surprise anyone. There are teachers who care deeply about their students and want to teach them basic knowledge and skills. But there are also teachers who see your child as a way to make a living and to brainwash others.

Teachers like these see your child as a tool and not a child. If they are concerned at all, their well-being should be a secondary concern.

As a result, the goal of the left has been to introduce “kink” to children. Recall that there is even a plan for a “sexy camp” for children, where they will be taught everything from prostitution to masturbation.

People like these have infiltrated schools all over the country, and knowing who they are and where they are is invaluable. Knowing who you’re leaving your child in the hands of five days a week is imperative at this point, because they may be these women or the woman interviewed by Red Liberty Media in the video above.

Guard your children.