Honest Liberals Know Trump Is Innocent and the J6 Hearings Are a Sham

Anyone who is objective will see that the Democrats use the Capitol Riot to distract from America’s economic problems.

This isn’t a subjective interpretation — they’ve admitted to this.

“When these hearings are over, voters will see just how irresponsibly coopted Republicans were in trying out to get the vote and just what lengths Republicans are willing to go to take to gain power,” stated Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D.N.Y.). Chairman of the DCCC.

The New York Times did not pretend that they had any selfish motive. They reported that Democrats were planning to use “made-for-television” moments and a carefully choreographed rolling out of revelations over six hearings…to convince voters that the upcoming midterm elections offer a chance for them to hold Republicans responsible.

Despite Democrats forming a clearly partisan committee against Trump, hearings have not been as scheduled

Some people even make fun of them.

Jonathan Turley, a liberal professor of law, tweeted that Pelosi’s decision “to destroy the long tradition balanced committees was an emblematic muscle play.”  “The Jan.6 Committee was stripped of all pretense.”

Turley wasn’t the only liberal to praise the Democrats for their sham J6 Commission. Professor Alan Dershowitz was a liberal professor who used an analogy during a Sean Spicer Newsmax appearance to explain how unethical the committee was.

He said, “I’m wearing my Boston Celtics jersey today.” ” “Not only to prepare for tonight’s great matchup but also because it was an analogy. The Celtics were kept off the court, so all we could see was one team scoring after another, missing a few jump-shots, and with no defense or rebounding.

It was a spot-on analogy of how Democrats have conducted these hearings. The committee was hand-picked by Pelosi, with the only Republicans being the anti-Trump Reps. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) and Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.).

Dershowitz stated that it was not fair. “And even if you say it was one-sided, it was unethical. Why was it unethical? Take for example President Trump’s speech on January 6th. I opposed that speech. I didn’t think it was done well. I didn’t think he should have done it. But he said at the end of the speech he wanted people to show their voices patriotically and peacefully. They doctored the tape! They edited those words out.”

The Democrats have attempted to stop Trump since his first announcement of his candidacy. There have been two bogus impeachments and the J6 Committee. They hate Trump and will not stop.

At least some decent liberals are willing to call them out.