TBS Cancels Left-Wing Show, Citing A New Programming Strategy

TBS has cancelled the left-leaning late-night program “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” and cited a new programming strategy. Bee, who in 2018 shocked the world by calling Ivanka Trump’s first daughter a “feckless —,”” spent many years attacking conservatives.

TBS stated in a statement to Fox News Digital that “as we continue to shape and refine our new programming strategy,”

TBS will not air “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” again. “We are proud to have been the home of ‘Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” and we thank Sam and the other Emmy-nominated teams for their outstanding work,” the statement added. We are proud of this cast and crew, and we look forward to exploring other opportunities to work together in the future.

The verified Twitter account of the show addressed the issue, appearing to take one last shot at Trump.

The show’s tweet stated that Full Frontal was leaving TBS to spend more time with her family. Full Frontal and Samantha Bee have ended their seven-year run. We are so grateful for our loyal viewers, our incredible team, and the fact that we were able to make fun of the right people each week. To our loyal fans – we love you, you’re very special. Go home and return home in peace.

Despite widespread backlash Bee eventually had to apologize for her vulgar Ivanka Trump comment, but she continued to criticize conservatives on-the-program.

Bee did not appear to be remorseful when she appeared on “Today” on NBC.

“Last year you got some flak. A fair amount for your comments about Ivanka Trump. What did you learn? Craig Melvin, NBC News anchor, asked this question in 2019.

Bee replied, “I didn’t learn much,” provoking laughter from Melvin and Al Roker. Let’s not get too crazy. “I still have a show to put on… No, that’s not how I learned all that much.”

Alumna of “The Daily Show”, she was granted the TBS program in 2016. She adopted the same format of playing news clips and giving acidic commentary before a wide audience. Over the years, she also gave obsequious interviews to former President Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren, D.Mass. Bee claimed that she should be vice president and attorney-general in 2020, just before Kamala Harris was named as Joe Biden’s running mate.

Bee continues to spew left-wing talk points on a daily basis.

In response to Roe v Wade’s overturning by the Supreme Court, she encouraged her viewers “raise hell”.

“I cannot describe how difficult it is to be here right now, in a place that the Supreme Court can erase 50 years worth of constitutional law. Bee stated that this is not the end. “Conservatives won’t rest until they have taken all of our rights back. If we don’t take back what we have fought for, everything we have won could be lost.

Bee said last year that she had been more gentle with President Biden than in the past after years of gluing herself into the Trump administration. This is similar to fellow liberal late-night voices such as Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmels, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, John Oliver, and John Oliver. Dan Rather, a journalist, invited Bee to join him on SiriusXM. The left-wing veteran newsman asked: “Do you sometimes find yourself tempted to sort of pull your punches?”

Bee stated, “I can’t deny it has happened, and I think that’s probably true throughout the board.” You’re thinking, “OK, we could make jokes about infrastructure plans,” but I think that in general this is a great idea. “Why would I deliberately undermine an idea that is great across the board?

Bee admitted in 2019 that Trump was “technically telling truth” when he told reporters repeatedly that there was no collusion between his campaign, Russia and the 2016 election.

Bee stated, “It’s strange to realize that all of the times he said those things, he was technically lying.” “Maybe Ted Cruz was JFK’s father.”

She also stated to her viewers that the Robert Mueller Report was “never going fix our democracy” and that people don’t need it to know that Trump has been a “bad, corrupt person.”