Strong Evidence Proves, Hamas and Media Disinformation Campaign on ‘Bombed’ Hospital

Fresh evidence about what happened in the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital emerged as the sun rose above Gaza. It exposes the perhaps worst disinformation campaign during wartime in modern history. It’s important that we understand the timeline before we go any further.

On Tuesday night, the Gaza Health Ministry (controlled by Hamas) reported that the hospital had been hit at 7:20 p.m. local time. Almost instantly, reports of carnage and buildings that had been leveled, as well as at least 500 deaths, attributed to an “Israeli attack” began flooding the world press. This included American outlets such as The New York Times, ABC News, CNN, and The Associated Press.

It was immediately apparent that the numbers didn’t add up. In my first article, I pointed out several pieces of information that would have led one to believe that it was a rocket that had been fired from Gaza but misfired. After publishing the article, video evidence was released, which showed that it wasn’t Israeli.

It was actually a live broadcast on Al Jazeera and the chryon included a time stamp (i.e. No one can say that it was doctored. The pro-Hamas channel accidentally showed that at 6:59 pm, a rocket from Gaza was fired, exploded in mid-air, and then fell onto the hospital grounds.

Early Wednesday morning, new evidence emerged. A conversation intercepted between jihadists admitted that a missile had been misfired and caused the damages.

The hospital’s condition is horrifying now that the sun is shining.

As you can clearly see, the hospital was not damaged or even struck (apart from a few broken windows). The rocket actually fell short and landed in the parking lot, causing some cars to burn. No impact crater is consistent with an IAF high-explosive weapon. The fire that was caused by the rocket fuel appears to be the cause of most of the damage.

The idea that 500 people died also appears to be false. It was probably a few dozen at most. And that’s even if there were a lot of people in the parking lot. In my original reporting, I noted that it was impossible for Hamas in an hour to count and recover 500 bodies from what appeared to be a still-burning medical facility. This never made any sense.

It was a disinformation campaign, that spread around the world, and caused violence in many countries. This violence continues, with Western consulates and embassies being attacked in Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan among other places.

All of this was based on a lie spread by a terrorist group. It wasn’t just a little fudge. Hamas made up the story that an IAF bombing destroyed a hospital. It was reported by the press uncritically over hours. Some claimed that people were “pulled out of rubble.” Then they made up an untrue story that 500 people were dead. The press also repeated these numbers without any verification.

Who is responsible? Who will lose their job because of this? These news organizations, which claim to have the highest credibility, will they apologize? Do not hold your breath. This is another reminder that you shouldn’t blindly trust the mainstream media, especially when things don’t add up.