Iran’s Supreme Leader States ‘Muslims Will Lose Patience’ With Israel and the U.S.

Ali Khamenei, the Iranian Supreme Leader, discussed the current situation between Israel and Hamas during a meeting with Iran’s elite scientists. Khamenei warned Israel and the United States against the ongoing battle as Joe Biden prepared to meet Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister.

Khamenei, in a meeting that took place on Tuesday, urged the commanders of Iran and leaders from resistance groups to take action against Israel’s attacks on Hamas, the Gaza Strip, in no uncertain terms.

Ali Khamenei, the Iranian Supreme Leader, responded to the statements made by officials of other countries to Iranian officials regarding Israel’s rights to defend itself from crimes committed against it. He argued that there were no civilians in Israel and that all Israelis were armed. He said that Israel deliberately targets civilians and “kills 100 times more” Palestinians than it does in Gaza in its attacks. He also called for Israel’s genocide to be prosecuted.

Khamenei warned that the U.S. must take action to limit Israel’s response against Hamas, just before U.S. President Joe Biden visited Israel and the surrounding region.

Khamenei said that if “the crimes of the Zionist government continue,” “Muslims will lose patience, and no one will be able to stop them.” He also stressed the importance of scientific advancements so that Iran won’t become “vulnerable.”

This is a summary of Khamenei’s main points:

Researchers and scientists cannot tolerate the greed of the oppressor (i.e. The researchers and scientists must not tolerate the gluttony of the oppressor [i.e. We must respond to the hunger of oppressed people [i.e. We must react. Let’s respond. In the case of Gaza today, it is up to us all. We must act. We must respond.

The Muslims and resistance forces will lose patience if the Zionist regime continues its crimes. They will also be unable to stop it. It doesn’t matter what the Zionists do – they can never make up for their scandalous failure.

Khamenei made his comments the day before Biden traveled to Israel to meet Netanyahu and other leaders of the region. The Supreme Leader said that the United States must play a key role in reining Israel in its fight to destroy Hamas. According to the information that we have, it appears the Americans are orchestrating the current Zionist policy.

Iran’s involvement in Hamas’ initial attack against Israel has been proven. Later, it was revealed that its leaders had met with Hamas and helped the terrorist group plan and execute the attack. The Iranian government has threatened to become more involved in the fight if Israel continues to hunt Hamas members.

Khamenei’s seriousness or his saber-rattling is the real question. His call for action could be a cause for concern, as it could encourage other extremists to intensify attacks against the Jewish state. Khamenei may be aware that further involvement could be risky, even through Iran’s proxy Hezbollah.

Iran could still see an opportunity to harm the Jewish state if Israel becomes preoccupied with Hamas. It is still unclear what Iran will do next.