Steve Bannon’s Unusual Encounter with Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo Amidst Controversy

Steve Bannon does not fear controversy.

This interviewer is excellent.

Because I am in a state of confusion, I can tell that former Trump officials or Trump loyalists are not following the madness surrounding the Trojan Horse Kristina Karamo.

I was forced to watch the video of Steve talking to Michigan GOP chair Kristina Karamo at the Republican National Committee’s Winter Meeting in Las Vegas. She is under fire.

The video shows how quickly things move.

Karamo asked for a position at the RNC Winter Meeting. An earlier article was published on RedState.

Here’s a glance at the Republican Party of Michigan.

On the 6th of January, the state committee will vote Kristina Karamo out as state chairperson.

Pete Hoekstra was chosen as the new leader of Michigan GOP on the 13th of January. Hoekstra served under Donald Trump.

Michigan in winter can seem boring to some. As this list demonstrates, Michigan has plenty to offer, especially for those who enjoy drinking and don’t mind a bad hangover.

After reviewing its position, the Republican National Committee is now re-evaluating its decision on the Michigan issue. According to RNC bylaws, they believe Karamo has been removed in the right way and Hoekstra has been duly elected as Karamo’s replacement. A final decision will be taken after the RNC Winter Meeting in Vegas next week.

They are currently punting.

I believe it is time to move forward after Donald Trump stated that he looked forward to working together with Hoekstra and the Winter Meetings of Las Vegas are over.

Watch Steve when Karamo informs him that Hoekstra will replace her. Listen to her rendition of Kamala Harris’s “Word Salad” which will leave you as confused and empty as Veep.

He’s spoken with Bannon more than once and knows the mess Karamo has created in her role as chair, less than a year after her election.

Pete Hoekstra does not have a fiery personality. He is a practical person who can fix an almost-sunk ship.

I have spoken with people who are not happy about his voting in Congress. I can understand this. Kristina Karmo’s record is so dismal that I think she is a Democrat lite, if not a Democrat.

Does this mean Michigan will turn purple for a short time as it did in 2016, No.

I’m amazed when Karamo is dismissed.