Alec Baldwin Enters Plea in ‘Rust’ Manslaughter Case

Alec Baldwin could finally face some consequences for the murder of Halyna Hutchins.

Baldwin was charged with involuntary murder for the second time on Jan. 19, 2021, concerning the shooting that took place on the Rust set. He was also accused of “negligent firearm use, or involuntary murder without due caution or discretion.” He was previously charged with two counts of involuntary murder, but these counts were dropped.

He has now entered a not-guilty plea in this matter and waived his arraignment.

Fox reminded all of Baldwin’s appearance on George Stephanopoulos, in which he said he did not pull the trigger. The attorney, Andrew Stoltmann thought this was not going to be helpful for Baldwin’s cause, and that’s understandable. It’s a tough argument to make.

If convicted of manslaughter, the actor could face 18 months in prison. Stoltmann thought the prosecutors were “salivating”, to ask him questions. Baldwin’s testimony will certainly get attention if he does testify.

Baldwin’s legal team demanded that the trial be expedited. Robert J. Degroot, a criminal defense attorney at Fox News Digital, said that they should also keep in mind another trial that will be taking place.

Degroot stated that a speedy trial might not be in the best interest of Mr. Baldwin. There is a scheduled trial for another defendant, who was the “armorer” at the site. The explanation that she gives for the presence of live rounds and a “hot gun” situation would have an immediate effect and collateral effects on Mr. Baldwin’s case.

Baldwin, in addition to his role as an actor, was also a film producer. This may have also contributed to his involvement in this matter.

Baldwin has also dropped the price of his Hamptons estate to try and sell it again. He’s running online ads as well to help him hawk it. It was initially listed for $29m, but now it is down to $19m. With all the legal problems he is now facing, he might be really in need of cash. It’s not a good idea to think that him talking about his past and bragging about how he slept on the beach is a selling point.

Baldwin’s estate has a solar panel field and an inground pool. Baldwin added two additions to the historic farmhouse, which was built in 1740.

The photos show the sprawling meadow of the Baldwin estate, stacks dedicated to artists such as Edward Hopper and Elliott Erwitt, and a huge portrait of Baldwin’s wife Hilaria. Above the fireplace in the living room is a large painting of Hilaria standing before shelves of Rice-A-Roni.

Reddit users mocked Baldwin’s portrait during his previous attempts to sell the home. One user wrote that the “inexplicably” left the picture in the place, and could be the reason the house hasn’t yet sold.

The picture could be changed to increase the chances of selling the home.