Stella Morabito’s ‘The Weaponization of Loneliness’ Is a New Classic on Totalitarianism

This fact should concern every individualist.

Morabito’s subtitle captures the essence of what is important: tyrants using fear of isolation to divide, silence, and conquer. Morabito, a former intelligence analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency and a graduate degree in Russian and Soviet History, holds a Master’s in Southern California.

Morabito has been a senior writer for The Federalist, since 2014. She has written and studied about these issues in the last four decades. I published her columns as an opinion editor at The Washington Examiner.

Since the first time we spoke, Morabito has reminded me of two of the most important thinkers of twentieth-century history. Jean Francois Revel is a French philosopher and author of The Totalitarian Temptation. Hannah Arendt wrote The Origins of Totalitarianism.

In her Prologue, Morabito explains:

Patterns of weaponized solitude are very evident when I study Russian and Soviet History. Totalitarian forces aim to destroy privacy in order to create a surveillance system. This leads to an increased dependency on the government.

If the perception of the legitimacy of the government doesn’t change, the COVID-19 pandemic will be a preview of the future for Americans and Westerners.

Recall the controversy surrounding vaccine mandates and passports.

With the Biden administration’s support, the World Health Organization has been preparing a “Pandemic Preparation, Preparedness and Response Accord”, whereby nations will cede large parts of their sovereignty to the UN group headed by Dr Tedros Gebreyesus. He is one of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s most important allies. ),

Morabito says that the combination of such mandates and the development of intrusive technology creates “a picture of a totalitarian system in the making.”

Morabito’s most notable change is that the totalitarians can now eliminate the private sphere completely. The spread of loneliness accelerates the process.

Weaponizing loneliness is a theme that runs through all revolutions past, present and future. The features of this phenomenon have played a role in past revolutions throughout modern history. These features also lead to further atomization.