Gerson Fuentes Pleads Guilty for Raping Ohio Girl at Midst of Abortion Controversy

Gerson Fuentes pleaded guilty to raping and impregnating a nine-year-old girl in Ohio. He was sentenced this week. Fuentes, with the aid of an interpreter and a plea bargain that would see him imprisoned for 25 years at the very least for his crime, waived the right to trial. The pro-abortion group used the child’s pregnancy to spread a false horror story about the United States Supreme Court, and Republicans who are pro-life.

Although Judge Julie Lynch was in a position to disregard the sentence that the state had agreed to and to impose life imprisonment without parole, the family of this girl begged the judge not to do so. She said it was a “hard pill” to swallow and allowed Fuentes’ parole to be granted in 25 years. She showed that she was upset, but it is unclear why she did not impose the punishment she felt necessary to protect the public. It is difficult to accept that the family’s opinion should be taken into account when they failed to protect a nine-year-old child from rape.

“The family has agreed to this. And this is a hard pill for this court to swallow to take this joint recommendation. If that family hadn’t begged me to take this joint recommendation, this would never be happening,” Lynch said, her voice shaking with emotion.

Lynch stated, “Anyone who has been in this courtroom over the past 20 years knows what this court feels when babies and young people are violated.” Lynch, despite a record of protecting children against violent criminals, allowed the illegal rapist the chance to be paroled at the mother’s request, even though she did not protect her child.

In this case, there are very few heroes. There is a long list of people who have used the child to their own political or personal gain. There are also the professionals who work in child protection services, who failed to protect this child and returned her to her abuser after Indiana abortionist Caitlin Bern terminated her pregnancy.

Bernard was fined $3,000 and reprimanded by the court for her role in exposing her child as a fraud and for turning her story into an abortion circus. We should give credit to Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, and Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost for standing up and demanding investigations. We would have never known that a rapist was charged or arrested if not for these two men. It’s possible he could have walked away.

The media is not at all heroic. The media just repeated an international political hit story without giving a damn about the fact that there wasn’t a mention of a perpetrator in this horror story until we demanded answers. The mainstream press chose to repeat Bernard’s breathless claims that all rape victims were now at risk due to the Supreme Court instead of asking the question of why a child was not being hunted down in Columbus, Ohio.

We don’t yet know if the DNA of the child matched the “mother” of the rapist who defended him and begged Judge Lynch for mercy. Also, we don’t understand why she was not charged with child abuse. The state of Ohio won’t say if the “mother” is still caring for her child. It is unlikely that she will be protected from other crimes if she remains in her “mother’s care” given her “mother’s” protective attitude towards the rapist and not her own child.

Fuentes won’t be able to rape children in the next 25 Years. We can be thankful for some things. Below you can see the short sentencing live-streamed on YouTube.