Star of Disney’s Popular ‘Rogue One’ Film Calls Gaza Bombings ‘War Crimes’

Riz Ahmed, a British actor is best known for his role as “Rogue One,” one of Disney’s few real hits in the Star Wars universe. Ahmed has let his antisemitism fly. He calls Israel’s response to the Hamas terror attack on Israel last week an “indefensible crime.”

Breitbart reported that Ahmed did not only refer to Israel’s bombings in Gaza but also to its blockade, which cuts off electricity and water to the area. Hamas was responsible for this suffering, as they were using the Palestinian civilians to hide behind. Israel wants to get Hamas to leave so it can deal with them.

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In a post on Instagram, Riz Ahmed did not mention Hamas or the funding the terrorist group receives from Iran. He also didn’t describe the brutality of Hamas attacks, including the murder of babies, children, and elderly people. At first, the actor appears to be playing both sides, before concluding by condemning Israel’s response.

He began his post by saying that “what happened in Israel was wrong and horrific. ”

The indiscriminate bombardment of Gaza’s infrastructure and civilians, as well as the denial of food, water, and electricity, is a morally indefensible act of war.

Ahmed is a Muslim with Pakistani roots, so his view on social media may not come as a surprise. Later, he said: “We must put ourselves in Gaza’s shoes, now, before walking past the point where there is no turning back. ”

Why do we talk about the Palestinians, and how they deserve our empathy? But not for the Israelis who were ambushed? This is a story of terrorists paragliding into a music festival in the middle of Israel and killing people. Is that not a war crime? What makes us not sympathize with the Israelis?

It is obvious that war is bad for everyone involved. But, Palestinian terrorists are a problem Israel has had for many years. Can we not acknowledge the fact that this situation is more complex than most people think and requires a delicate approach? And why not simply support peace?