DeSantis Airlift: The Inside Story

Yesterday, we reported on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis cutting the red tape in order to rescue Floridians stuck in Israel. We didn’t realize that Ron DeSantis was also planning to rescue non-Floridians, including those Joe Biden left in Greece.

DeSantis said to Megyn Kell on Monday night: “We knew that there would be many people who wanted to return, perhaps even more than 1,000. They were having no luck getting through to the State Department, or the Embassy. Last week I activated Florida emergency response in order to be able to bring planes into Florida and take people home.”

He added that the plane had 91 children aboard. “I had mothers who were stranded, with three or four children.” “One family had ten children and they were trying desperately to return to Florida.”

He said that rescue flights are not just for Floridians. “If people are having trouble getting to Georgia, New York, or wherever, we are all Americans and we want people to be helped, but they are limited to Americans.”

He added that the Biden administration would “charge people fleeing war zones and then dump them into Greece.” “They aren’t even bringing these people back to the United States.” We will be adding more flights. The next flight will be Tuesday morning. We’re taking people from Israel but we’re going to stop at Athens, Greece to pick up those that the federal governments may have left stranded. So we expect many more people to be rescued over the next two days, and we are happy to do so.”

He compared his actions to the open borders of the Biden Administration. “You can cross the southern border and the federal government is going to fly you across the entire country for free. The taxpayers will pay for your hotel stay. “They don’t charge illegal aliens.”

DeSantis said he was touched by the stories told by families who were on the first rescue plane, whom he met late Sunday at the airport. When we welcomed people and they told stories, it brought them home. “I mean, one mother pointed to her six-year-old daughter – and my wife and myself also have a six-year-old – and she said that her child was saying, “Mommy, I don’t wanna hear rockets anymore.” “I don’t like the rockets, and they were very happy to be back.”

DeSantis stated that “when there is a leadership void, you have to step up and do something,” “So, we were able to do that, and we are proud to have played a role.”

When asked what role the U.S. should play in Israel, Governor John Kasich pointed out that Israel has “never asked us to take on responsibilities they should assume for themselves.” They have worked hard to build a capable and strong military. The support we have given them, whether it is Iron Dome or other programs, has complemented what they are doing themselves.

He said that there was no reason to send ground troops from the United States into these regions. “I believe that where we show our support is in the moral clarity of saying Israel has a legal right to defend themselves. He explained that Israel has a right “to eliminate Hamas” and noted that many people around the world have called on Israel to stop defending itself. “They’ll need us, and I don’t think Biden will be able to continue doing this for the long haul.”

There will be pressure from the UN and other countries to get Israel to stop, but Israel can’t continue to live in a situation where so many of its citizens are being slaughtered cold-blooded. “I think the most important thing is not U.S. soldiers, but strong support.”

He said, “This will not be an American ground battle.” It’s true that we have an interest in recovering the American hostages… but ultimately, this is Israel’s War. “We should support them but not get involved with our ground forces.”