Someone Needs To Explain This To CNN

CNN took a heavy hit when one of its political and legal pundits Sophia Nelson was replying to a tweet about President Trump in which she wrote “They just always got an excuse to cover for his retarded ass!” The backlash came quickly when a father of a special needs child called her out for using the derogatory term. Instead of facing the criticism, Sophia quickly ran and hid by placing her Twitter account in private for a short amount of time and later deleting the tweet. It was too late. Screenshots of that comment she made were saved and angry replies were flooding the timelines. 

Sophia Nelson admitted why the word she used was so offensive yet began defending herself against the angry Twitter mob in the comments section making herself look worse and outraging more. It’s just another Democrat giving a ‘sorry, not sorry’ apology. 

She even tweeted “This has zero reference to disabled or special needs persons.” How can you use the word ‘retarded’ yet say it has zero reference to disabled or special needs persons? That’s exactly what the slang of the word implies. 

Her choice of language is shameful. If the Right used that sort of language they would be called bigots and racists. The headline would be flashing all over news channels and things would not be put to rest until that person was publicly humiliated across all media outlets. CNN has yet to let go of this pundit and continues to let her defend herself over such offensive language. If that doesn’t say anything about CNN then I don’t know what does. 

Sophia Nelson is also the Lincoln Project Senior Advisor. Last week the Lincoln Project Twitter Account attacked Senator Kevin Cramer’s use of the word retarded and called it “beyond reprehensible.” They got pretty quiet about Sophia Nelson’s comment until the Twitter audience broke out in a mass hysteria over the hypocrisy and started attacking their Twitter page as well. As a pure act of publicity, the Lincoln Project dropped Sophia Nelson.

A Daily Caller Reporter then pointed out Nelson’s position in which she called the President retarded once AGAIN. She went on to tweet “this is a great hit you guys are attempting because I called Trump a ‘retarded ass.’ He is that.” Here we have a so-called “expert” in the field of politics using a derogatory term against the President of The United States multiple times, then defending it, and CNN still has no comment on the entire thing? Only the left could pull off an act like this. 

Libertarians have been famous for building a system that contains and diminishes speech seemingly offensive and hurtful. Basically don’t hurt anyone’s feelings ever. They then go on to complain and victimize themselves when their own system calls them out on their own choice of speech. It’s only a matter of time before people start to notice the pure hypocrisy that goes on with everything they supposedly stand for. This is just the start.