Sleepy Joe Becomes Creepy Joe As Bill Cosby Gets Released From Prison

Actor Bill Cosby was recently released from the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania after they overturned his sexual assault conviction and ruled that he did not receive a fair trial in 2018. The court said that they found an agreement with a previous prosecutor that prevented him from being charged with this case, though the deal had apparently never been put in writing. Cosby is being represented by the same attorneys for movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

“In reversing the conviction of Bill Cosby, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has demonstrated, once again, that no matter who a defendant may be and no matter the nature of the crime, courts can be relied upon to follow the law and come to the correct decision,” Cosby’s lawyers said.

Reporters asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the court’s ruling and insisted that it sends a negative message to survivors of sexual assault and that it did not prove Cosby’s innocence.

While Psaki said she did not want to speak about a specific decision by a court, she said that the president believes the voices and stories of sexual assault survivors are brave and that these women are courageous for speaking up.

“The president has long been an advocate for fighting against violence against women. For ensuring that we are raising the voices and the stories of people who have been survivors of sexual assault. That’s something [he] has done throughout his career and will continue to do,” Psaki told reporters.

According to her, the president wants us to live in a country “where women will feel comfortable moving forward and telling their story.” That’s not the case with Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer, who spoke out last year about Joe Biden sexually assaulting her in 1993. Reade fired back at Psaki for acting as the president is an advocate for women when he’s the complete opposite.

Reade even published a memoir “Left Out: When the Truth Doesn’t Fit In,” which was about her experience coming forward to the media with her Biden assault allegations. She was one of eight women to come forward in 2019 against then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden of inappropriate touching. Biden and the campaign team repeatedly denied her claims. Even the #MeToo Movement reportedly shut her out and suggested other lawyers. So much for “believing all women.”

“Psaki speaks for the man who is now POTUS who sexually assaulted me and I am sure she has heard me. She is complicit with rape culture by displaying her hypocrisy and the administration’s hypocrisy regarding standing up for women when they are the perpetrators,” Reade shared on Fox News.

Reade expressed her strength to the nearly 60 victims who came forward against Cosby, telling them that “survivors should not have their lives torn to shreds for telling the truth,” especially against the powerful and rich. She said she would continue to stand up for all survivors and herself to get the justice they deserve.

Has everyone forgotten about the same charges brought against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo? Or has that been swept under the rug by more Democrats too? Liberals are only advocates for women who accuse conservative or Republican men of sexual assault. Another example of the censored fake news we see today.