Gov. Noem Sends National Guard Troops To Help With Border Crisis

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem recently announced that she will send fifty National Guard Troops to help Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey secure the southern border. She is just one of the many Republic governors responding to the border crisis through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact. Noem joined Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts in making the announcement to do the job that the Biden Administration refuses to do.

“To @GregAbbott_TX & the great people of Texas, help is on the way. Tomorrow, I will announce that South Dakota will be sending up to 50 National Guard troops to Texas to secure our southern border, and help solve the human and national security crisis that @JoeBiden has created,” Gov. Noem tweeted.

The troops will help secure the border to stop illegal immigration and smuggling into the state. The surge of migrants has reached unprecedented levels and President Joe Biden has refused to step up and help. The National Guard is the only kind of sustained response to a security crisis at this level, with more than 180,000 migrant encounters in May alone.

In a press conference, DeSantis shared that the mission funding is still a “point of discussion” and that they do not anticipate getting federal funds for it anytime soon.

Texas and Arizona wrote a letter to their counterparts that they would request available law-enforcement resources to the border. They sued the Biden Administration over the policies that hurt border states the most, adding that the failure to enforce federal immigration laws will spill into every state.

“The cartels will see to it that their deadly fentanyl and human-trafficking victims reach far and wide. The convicted criminals they smuggle into the homeland will bring recidivism with them to far too many of your communities,” the letter said.

Gov. Noem agreed that the rollback of Trump-era policies and protections made communities less safe and would result in spikes in human trafficking and illegal drugs. The Biden Administration, however, has pushed the surge in migration to “root causes” in Central America such as poverty, climate change, and government corruption.

Vice President Kamala Harris recently visited Texas after months of avoiding the border. She was criticized for choosing El Paso instead of one of the harder-hit areas like Rio Grande Valley.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds also announced that her state will be sending Iowa State Patrol officers to the border. She said that she has a responsibility to the health and safety of Iowans to address the humanitarian crisis at our nation’s border. She adds that the rise in drugs, human trafficking, and violent crime has become too unsustainable and that she will not compromise public safety services to Iowans.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little also said his state would pitch in and stand by fellow Americans alongside the United States-Mexico border. “It is time for our nation’s Governors to do what the federal government won’t – secure the border. Idaho is evaluating our resources, and I will have more to share with Idahoans about our support of this important call to protect our country,” he said.

It’s clear that by ending policies implemented by President Trump, the Biden Administration has sided with illegal immigration, open borders, and getting more votes.

The Biden Administration will send troops to DC to protect the Capitol building, but not to the border. States are at war with federal power and the government has gotten way beyond anything that was ever intended by the Founding Fathers.

The state governors’ actions alone demonstrate the absolute failure of the Biden Administration and their federal obligation to secure the border and protect the American people. When the federal government fails, the state steps up.