Shockwaves: New Poll Reveals Stunning Results for Biden, Unveils Americans’ Views on His Biggest Achievement

The new Fox News poll should send warnings to Joe Biden, as it contains multiple elements that point towards trouble.

First, the survey shows that Donald Trump has increased his lead in the poll over Biden. The former president is now five points ahead in head-to-head comparisons, and five points above Biden when you add in other candidates. According to Interactive Polls, this is the biggest lead for Trump ever in Fox polling.

Trump’s favorability rating was also higher, at 45 percent compared to 39 percent.

There are also some stunning statistics when it comes to young and independent voters.

You can see that Trump has a 14-point lead over the independents, with 51 percent to 37 percent. This is crucial; the independents and swing states may be what turns the tide of this race. Hispanics, as well as white women, also gave Trump a 48-45 and 50-45 percent respectively. Biden’s numbers with black voters are still higher than his 2020 numbers. Trump, however, has a much more dangerous number.

The under-30 results show Trump with a 58-40% lead.

Over half (52%) of Americans believe they are in a worse position under Biden compared to four years ago.

Republicans (72%) as well as independents (59%) believe they are in a worse position than they were four years ago. Democrats, however, say that they are either better off (37%) or at the same level (35%).

The responses to the question about Biden’s greatest achievement are what speaks volumes.

The most popular choice was “Nothing”, with 38 percent. They can’t name anything positive about Biden. It’s all pretty bad. In the Fox clip, they noted that he had done several bad things and that we were in “a whole mess of trouble.”