Shocking Poll: Majority Believe Biden Won’t Survive Second Term, Making Kamala Harris President

Joe Biden, the embattled president, will continue to face an unenviable situation as the presidential election of 2024 draws nearer.

Nearly all major polling organizations continue to confirm that voters have a variety of concerns about the 81-year-old, cognitively declining President. The electorate has a lot of concerns about Joe. From the illegal alien invasion out of control to the devastating effects of Bidenomics for tens and millions of hardworking Americans struggling to make ends meet, to a growing fear among likely voters that Biden will die during his second term, leaving America to have the unthinkable: Kamala as president.

Twilight Zone Damn close.

A new poll, conducted exclusively by Daily Mail, shows that only 38 percent believe Biden will be alive after another four years. This makes the unthinkable, as 36 percent of respondents to the survey believe, a reality.

The survey revealed that a majority of voters are concerned about Biden’s age. However, former president Donald Trump is just four years younger, and yet, the survey showed that voters had far fewer concerns regarding the 77-year-old.

James Johnson, cofounder at J.L. Partners, the company that conducted the survey, stated it bluntly.

Voters do not change their minds about Biden being too old. Biden’s problem is that his image has not been shaped by events like his State of the Union Address, which many people felt was a fiery speech. Instead, it has been shaped by the viral videos of Biden stumbling or slurring on social media.

This perception of him being too old is compounded by the feeling that he’s too weak. It is a serious problem for him as he heads into November. They do not believe he’s up to the task, and this makes his reelection much more difficult.

Is it possible that the man on the left has a lower cognitive capacity than the guy on his right?

I don’t support all that Donald says, does, or writes. But here’s what I do: I won’t be voting in November for a saint or a moral leader. Nominations to the Supreme Court, and the protection of the southern border (and now the northern border) from the ongoing legal alien invasion, will be the main reasons I vote the same as I did in 2016 and 2019.

Trump, in a way that is not surprising — but still justified — has repeatedly blasted Biden for his age and apparent cognitive decline. This gem was said by Trump at a Georgia rally held in mid-March.

Everything Joe Biden touches turns to shite.

Trump made fun of Biden’s stammering in a later part of the speech.

A separate DailyMail-J.L. A poll by Partners of 1,000 likely voters showed that Trump maintained his four-point advantage over Biden.