Anti-Israel Activists Disrupt Easter Vigil at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Learn a Tough Lesson

Joe Biden is not the only person who doesn’t respect Easter or understand it. This was evident when the White House banned all religious references in the Easter Egg Design Contest, and declared Easter to be “Transgender Visibility Day”, on Good Friday.

Thousands of anti-Israel protesters demonstrated in Times Square on Saturday. On Saturday afternoon, some of them went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to disrupt an Easter Vigil mass.

Some of the protesters were from Extinction Rebellion, the New York City’s Palestinian Solidarity Group. They carried a banner that read “SILENCE=DEATH” with an olive tree.

They grabbed activists shouting “Free Palestine” and then dragged them out of the church. The security was not happy, especially during Easter. A person dressed as a policeman detained one of the activists.

What are these narcissists hoping to achieve by protesting in St. Patrick’s Church? How could the parishioners think that you would sympathize after interrupting their mass, on one of Christian’s holiest days?

Matthew M. was the only protester who came forward. He stated that he believed churches could make a significant difference by calling an end to the conflict in Gaza.

He stated that “the United Nations Security Council declaring a ceasefire is a good start, but churches arising ceasefire statements is also part the solution”.

This doesn’t convince anyone. You only look radical when you refuse respect for the masses.

Many condemned the activists’ actions and said that they should not have disrupted church services at all, much less on Easter. They became more hostile to them, while also showing their support for Israel.

Joe Borelli asked an excellent question. Will Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney, hold these people responsible for their bad actions?

Bragg may be tempted to take action if media attention is sufficient.