Seriously? Facebook Censors Bible Verse

It is my hope that Twitter, under Elon Musk’s leadership will become a true free speech platform. My confidence that Facebook would embrace American ideals is still shattered.

I hear it all the time that conservatives are being put in Facebook jail or having their posts removed, restricted, and censored. In addition to the growing list of questionable Facebook actions, I found a photo on Thursday that included the Facebook warning: Sensitive Content. This photo could contain graphic or violent content.

I was fascinated. Naturally, I was curious to know what Facebook thought was so controversial. I had to tap multiple buttons to find out what the offending image was. Here’s what it revealed to me:

This is what you can imagine! Image of text with the Bible verse, “Be Still, and Know That I Am God.”

Really, Facebook? Really?

A disturbing post by a transgender group was recommended to me on my wall the other day. This tells me two things. One, Facebook doesn’t know me at any level and two, Facebook has a completely different definition of offensive/graphic content from mine.

Here’s Facebook explaining its reasons for covering the verse.

I can’t even.